Mayor Pete Buttigieg Officiates Emergency Wedding

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Officiates Emergency Wedding

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Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who recently announced his bid for president in 2020, was taking time off from the campaign trail on Monday in his hometown of South Bend, Indiana, when, according to his Facebook post, a pregnant couple ran into him with an emergency request: They needed him to officiate their wedding at the last minute. They were en route to the hospital for 9 a.m. C-section appointment.

Buttigieg wrote in his post that he had arrived to the mayor's office early that morning and had been catching up on the news before a meeting. When he went out to the hall to use the restroom, a couple named Mary and Gabe ran up to him and said that they were actually searching for him.

"That's when Mary and Gabe explained that she was on her way to the hospital for a 9:00 a.m. appointment for a C-section. And they were hoping they could be married before she delivered. (It must have been 8:15 or so.)," he wrote in his Facebook post. "She had the paperwork and everything in a folder along with her hospital papers, and they wanted to see if I could do the honors."

Buttigieg happily obliged and found a way to make it work. "I corralled a few staff members as they were trickling into the office to serve as witnesses, and filled out the paperwork," he explained "Their rings weren't ready, so one of my colleagues found a ribbon that would do the trick."

Luckily, the team pulled everything off and the couple was married in time. Shortly after, they headed to the hospital, where Mary gave birth to a little girl named Jade Katherine Jones. Buttigieg shared the image in his post to welcome, "South Bend's newest resident."

"It's moments like this that I'll miss when my term as mayor comes to an end," he said. "Congratulations to the newlyweds and new parents, and welcome, Jade, to this unlikely and lovely world!"

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