9 Adorable and Fun Ways to Announce Your Engagement

9 Adorable and Fun Ways to Announce Your Engagement

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Congratulations! You've said, "Yes!" We're sure you want to shout it from the rooftops, but you may be having some trouble figuring out how. To help you, we've compiled some adorable (and unique) ways to tell the world-or at least your family and friends-that you're engaged.

1. Snail Mail

In this digital age, we all know there's nothing quite like getting some snail mail of the fun and happy variety. While there are tons of creative and fun ways to announce it, popping some postage on a postcard, notecard, or photo announcement is a surefire way to spread the news the old fashioned way.

2. Holiday Cards

If your engagement happens to fall around the holidays, you can use this opportunity to multitask, which is certainly a skill you'll want to master throughout wedding planning. Throw on some festive outfits, strike a pose, and announce your engagement while wishing everyone a happy holiday. They'll be a welcome addition to everyone's fridges and card displays, and you'll have just checked two things off your list.

3. Break the News

By designing a paper-based or digital announcement to mirror the front page of a newspaper or even a coming attraction shot for a movie, you can use this creative layout to not only share your good news but also embrace your love of old fashioned newspapers or film. After all, you're the star of the show now (at least until right after your wedding!).

4. Use Your Hobbies

Love baseball? Use a baseball and glove to show he made a "great catch." Sun worshipper? Spell it out in the sand. Teacher? Write it on the chalkboard. If you're a foodie, you can even use yummy treats as props or snacks. Find a way to incorporate your favorite hobby or past time to make an announcement that is uniquely you.

5. Spell It Out

We love this Pinerest-worthy trend of using Scrabble letters to spell out, "We do," "She said yes," "Future Mr./Mrs.," your first names, and so on. You don't have to be a Scrabble enthusiast to put these little letter tiles to use while adding a pop of nostalgia and uniqueness to your announcement.

6. Kid Friendly

Do you have adorable little nieces and nephews that are squealing with excitement at being a flower girl or ring bearer one day? Put them to good use! With an adorable sign, custom t-shirt, or perfect caption, you can have them help you out in creating an adorable announcement everyone's sure to love (and they will be so excited, too).

7. A Carefully Planned Post

The hand holding picture, a photo snapped live from the moment you say, "yes!", the classic ring selfie, or even a professional photo shoot kept under wraps all make for the perfect social media post. Just be careful not to overdo it, and post it when the time is right.

8. Surprise Them in Person

It's increasingly popular for families to know when a proposal is coming, but if your family and friends don't know or don't have too many details, we love the old fashioned way of breaking the news in person. Sometimes, nothing is better than an unannounced visit with a, "Excuse me, but does this ring make me look engaged?" question asked at just the right time.

9. Digital Face to Face

If distance or scheduling puts a dent in your plan, FaceTime and Skype will be your best friends. This incredible technology has the ability to eliminate the farthest of distances and put you face to face in real time with those you love most. By using these platforms you'll be able to see their reactions, hear their well wishes, and cherish the moments that you otherwise might have missed out on.


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