Jimmy Fallon Asked Viewers to Post Their Best #WeddingFails Online and the Answers Are Downright Hysterical

Jimmy Fallon Asked Viewers to Post Their Best #WeddingFails Online and the Answers Are Downright Hysterical

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Despite all the careful planning that goes into weddings, there's a lot that can go awry - just ask the people responding to Jimmy Fallon's latest internet challenge!

The talk show host, 44, asked viewers on Tuesday, June 18, to post their biggest wedding fails online using the hashtag #WeddingFail” for a chance to have their story featured on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The request has since garnered 1.3K responses on Twitter-and counting-from brides, grooms, relatives and service providers that have seen just about everything as far as wedding mishaps go, from terrible speeches and uncooperative ring bearers to slips and tumbles galore.

Even Fallon himself had a story to tell. “My friend got married on the beach and wanted to zip line to the altar,” he tweeted. “He didn't test before and it turned out he was too heavy for the line. He was dragged through rocks and sand for the last 10 seconds. Ripped the pants off of his tux. #WeddingFail”

Read on for some of the best fails the hashtag has sparked… so far.

Making an Entrance

This groom made what was, perhaps, the grandest entrance of all when he took a tumble on the stairs on his way in.

Improvised Vows

Twitter tip: If you forget your wedding vows, just make them up on the fly!

Bored Ring Bearer

This ring bearer had more exciting things to do than, you know, bear the rings.

Sandy Hijinx

This family was forced to play an unexpected game of hide and seek when the bride and groom's rings got lost in the sand.

Serious Misstep

Don't baby in a corner… or on the floor?

Going With the Flow

This bride did the only thing she could when he groom's dance moves landed her on her rear end-twirled!

The Easy Way Out

Someone's been watching a little too much Ghost!

Too Hot to Handle

This poor guy traded one problem for another!

Abandoning Ship

Well… at least he tried.

Bad Things come in Threes

This is a lot.

Cotton-Eyed No

We're guessing this wouldn't have been her first choice.

Job Insurance

… next wedding? Gulp.

Cry for Help

Subtle, guys.

A Big Announcement

Can you say awkward?

Battle of the Brides

This mother-in-law didn't get the memo that it wasn't her big day.

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