Amy (Duggar) King Opens Up About Her Non-Traditional Marriage and Premarital Sex

Amy (Duggar) King Opens Up About Her Non-Traditional Marriage and Premarital Sex

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One of these Duggars is not like the others… Amy (Dugger) King, cousin to the famous conservative clan of 19 Kids and Counting fame is here to tell you that in this case, the apple can indeed fall far from the tree. The not-so-traditional newlywed just dished on how her views of marriage and dating differ from those of her Uncle Jim Bob and Aunt Michelle. In fact, unlike her 19 cousins, she had to kiss "a few frogs" before finding her Prince Charming!

Back in September, Amy wed Dillon King in charming, country-chic wedding in Arkansas. But she definitely didn't have her first kiss at the church alter, like cousins Jill and Jessa. In fact, this rebel forwent the whole "courtship" routine made famous on her family's TLC show. Instead of supervised dates and side-hugs, Amy is a self-proclaimed serial dater! "I can at least count six guys I've dated," the 29-year-old recently told People magazine. "I used to date bodybuilder types. But they just turned out to be one dud after another."

"It looked like I jumped from guy to guy, but I'm glad I dated that much before marriage because it showed me what kind of characteristics I wanted to find and the personalities that worked well with mine," Amy explained. And she found that perfect match in hubby, Dillon! But this twosome definitely wasn't waiting for marriage to experience all those relationship milestones! "I think kissing before marriage should happen," said Amy. "What if you get married and then that connection isn't there?"

Although Amy revealed that neither her nor her now-husband were virgins when they met, they decided to wait until they were married to go any further. "That was our decision," she confirmed. "We had fun, but we didn't stay over and we decided early on not to move in together. There were boundaries. A thin line of boundaries."

Despite the modest beliefs of her extended family, this rebel Dugger still stands by all of her choices. "I think that if I was a virgin on my wedding night and had never been kissed, I would end up rocking in the corner! That is so much emotion all at once."

And as for that honeymoon? "It was awesome!" Amy smiled. Oh, we bet it was!


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