BRIDES Chicago: 5 Locations for Beautiful Bridal Showers

BRIDES Chicago: 5 Locations for Beautiful Bridal Showers

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Whether your besties are an eclectic crew from all stages in life or a select few you limit to one hand, they're going to want to celebrate your status as the bride-to-be. And spending some downtime laughing with friends is exactly what you need in the weeks leading up to the big day, so go ahead and point them in the right direction with this round up of Chicago venues.

Park Hyatt Chicago

With both indoor and outdoor spaces, NoMI at the Park Hyatt Chicago always hosts an elegant affair. We love the rooftop garden with oversized canopy umbrellas and a very relaxed atmosphere, as well as the indoor private dining space where guests can enjoy the fine dining of NoMI Kitchen at one long table. It's perfect for an intimate lunch with girlfriends.

Photo: Courtesy of Park Hyatt Chicago

The Langham, Chicago

You'd rather die than wear a toilet paper veil and the thought of opening presents amongst gawking distant relatives is giving you hives. One of those rare breeds of a bride who doesn't love all the attention? Afternoon tea at The Langham Chicago with a few guests might be the answer to your sensory-overload prayers. Enjoy the traditional tea service that first debuted at The Langham London in 1865 while melting into a plush, high-back club chair in the quiet and serene environment of the Pavilion. If that doesn't leave you feeling pampered and refreshed, a trip up to the hotel's famed Chuan Spa will surely do the trick.

Photo: Courtesy of The Langham

Le Colonial

Located in a gorgeous vintage-feeling townhouse in the Gold Coast, this fancy-pants spot serves the authentic Vietnamese fare of 1920s French colonial Southeast Asia. The ambiance is intimate and romantic, and the second-floor terrace is perfect for a seated, al fresco luncheon.

Photo: Courtesy of Le Colonial

Sophie's at Saks Fifth Avenue

What better company is there for a bridal shower than the likes of Christian Louboutin, Valentino, and Stella McCartney? This bistro perched on the seventh floor of Michigan Avenue's shopping mecca has an elegant private dining space and is an updated take on classic ladies-who-lunch menu items.

Photo: Courtesy of Sophie's at Saks Fifth Avenue

Piccolo Sogno

It's hard not to think of this rustic Italian restaurant when considering locations for a sophisticated gathering over good food and even better wine. The lush garden atmosphere of the patio conjures romance and relaxation-two key elements in celebrating a bride-to-be. Plus, it's still some of the best pasta in town, and most definitely worth cheating on your no-carb regimen.

Photo: Courtesy of Piccolo Sogno


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