6 Couples on How They Told Their Families They Met on a Dating App

6 Couples on How They Told Their Families They Met on a Dating App

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The interesting thing about life is that you can meet your future spouse almost anywhere-in line at the grocery store, at a friend's wedding, or on a dating app. There's a dating app for every kind of person with every kind of interest, from apps for people who want to date someone with a beard to apps that connect you to a person based on similar things you hate. The amount of people looking for love online has grown from being something that was hush hush to do to something that's shared with friends over brunch. Yet, spilling the beans to your family about meeting your partner online can still come with a twist.

Read on to hear how these six couple admitted to their families that they found love on a dating app.

We Waited Until the Honeymoon was Over

“Our parents thought we met at a Jewish singles event a couple years back. We made it through the entire wedding and everything before telling them. Once we got back from the honeymoon, we went to dinner with them and told them we had a confession. We explained that we actually met on a dating website. They were uncomfortable over the news but more so that we lied for so many years. We lied because we didn't want to them to judge us.” -Dori S., 32

They Found Out During Our Vows

“My mom was anti-dating apps. She would send me news articles about how people were meeting strangers on there and getting kidnapped or hurt. She'd always tell me it wasn't the path to find love. I clearly didn't listen and met my husband Joe on Tinder. I lied to her about meeting him through a mutual friend. The truth came out during our vows and I thought she was going to faint. She let out a loud sigh and days later brought it up to me. She was very confused, upset, and I guess finally OK with dating apps and the potential they have.” -Raquel B., 27

We Were Open and Honest from Day One

“My parents are old, obviously, so they didn't like hearing that I met my husband on a dating app. But I was open from day one about it and even showed them his profile and our messages before our first date. Dating apps have a bad reputation but they aren't all that bad. So it was good that I kept them in the loop so that they trusted my dating decisions and the person I was falling in love with.” -Tia Y., 29

It's Our Sworn Secret That'll We'll Never Break

“Yeah, we decided to never tell our parents or our friends how we really met. We met on a dating website years before they became mainstream and cool. It was taboo. So we created a story that we met at trivia night at a local bar. We've stuck to that since day one. It's our little secret that we'll never break.” -Rose W., 43

My Siblings Spilled the Beans

“My brothers told my parents how I met my girlfriend. It was A LOT because at the time they didn't know I was gay and now here they were finding out I met someone I loved on a dating app and that I was a homosexual. They eventually grew to be okay with it all and now love my wife dearly and hardly remember that our love started on an app that's known for people to find hookups.” -Erica T., 30

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My Dad Saw My Dating Profile

“My dad is single and I guess he was also on the same dating apps as me, looking for women my age, because he found my profile and called me in anger. Months later I found my then boyfriend, now husband, on an app and when I told my dad I thought he was jealous because he didn't have any luck finding love on there.” - Wendy R., 29