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5 Real Brides Who Rocked Statement Wedding Day Jewelry

5 Real Brides Who Rocked Statement Wedding Day Jewelry

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While a dainty silver pendant or pearl studs are a no-fail classic and elegant option for bridal accessories, we do love a good piece of statement jewelry on the big day. After all, rocking something a little different can show off the bride's style. Some brides shy away from glamorous and bold jewelry, and we don't blame them - it can certainly be intimidating to pick a piece that's complementary to your look and not overpowering. But it doesn't have to be, as long as you take a few things into consideration to guide your selection process.

The neckline of your wedding dress will often dictate the necklace style you choose. A strapless gown, high neckline with a canvas of fabric as a backdrop, and a wide neckline such as a boatneck are all great options for a statement necklace as opposed to a one-shouldered dress, which is already a bold statement in itself. Does your neckline call for a large piece of jewelry? That's when a pair of grand statement earrings comes in!

Also think about your hairstyle - if you're donning an updo, it's the perfect opportunity to show off a pair of statement earrings. Hair down? It might hide your lobes, so consider a statement necklace instead. If you think a statement necklace doesn't look good with your dress's neckline and you're wearing your hair down, wear a pair of longer earrings so they can shimmer through your tresses. Either way, statement jewelry can be pulled off with almost any hairstyle.

Most of all, try to stick with just one big bauble - necklace or earrings. Wear both and they'll overwhelm each other and overshadow your dress. That said, remember that your dress is the star of your bridal look - make sure whatever jewelry you do choose only enhances it. Go with your instinct! These brides did.


An elegant v-neck elegantly frames this bride's vintage-inspired sparkle and shine from J.Crew.

Jesse Rashotte Photography

Dusty rose pendants are classy and chic.

This fun and playful statement necklace is more complementary than overwhelming with its ivory color.

Elaborate sparkling silver earrings like these add a strikingly romantic touch.

Another J.Crew beauty, this dazzling necklace instantly glams up this bride's look.


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