In Season Now: 8 Different Ways to Use Zinnias

In Season Now: 8 Different Ways to Use Zinnias

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Summer brides are blessed with so many beautiful, in-season flowers to choose from, including bright and colorful zinnias. These flowers have round centers with radiating petals that have a wonderfully happy and joyful look. Zinnias come in a vast variety of warm, bright colors, like pink, red, orange, fuchsia, yellow, and even some variegated ombre shades. Zinnias are starting to hit the flower market right now, so if you're a fan of this flower, definitely plan on a summer wedding. To get you inspired, we've rounded up of our favorite ways to feature them in your wedding day.

Orange Bouquet with Zinnias (above): The zingy, bright-orange zinnias really pop against a backdrop of lush greenery. This bouquet would be perfect for a summertime or early fall wedding.

Photo: Love 'n Fresh Flowers

Sherbet-Colored Bouquet with Zinnias: We love this bright and romantic color palette! Plus, the combination of pink zinnias and multiple varieties of dahlias (including those pale-pink cafe au lait dahlias!) is so fresh.

Photo: Cassidy Parker Smith

Rustic Zinnias Bouquet: A handful of zinnias combined with wispy and whimsical foliage is a wonderfully organic look.

Photo: Angela Gaspar Photography

Zinnias Ceremony Aisle Decor: Using twine, tie a handful of zinnias and veronica to the chairs along the ceremony aisle for a rustic look.

Photo: Lisa Lefkowitz

Zinnias in Mason Jars: Bright and colorful zinnias look just perfect on their own. For a simple DIY arrangement, display a pair of cut zinnias in jam-size mason jars and scatter them throughout the reception. This couple used them to decorate their escort-card display (the escort cards were placed on wine barrels).

Photo: via Nicole Welch Photography

Rustic Centerpiece of Zinnias: If you're marrying in a rustic setting, like a farm or barn, ask your florist to source wooden boxes like this one, which is filled with orange and pink zinnias and green spider mums.

Photo: Nicole Paulson

Centerpiece with Zinnias and Limes: To complement this couple's color palette of pink, fuchsia and tangerine, Bay Area florist Max Gill created lush centerpieces that featured zinnias, spray roses, dahlias, ranunculuses, and fresh limes.

Photo: Eliza Jean Photography

Elegant Centerpiece of Zinnias Though zinnias typically have a more casual, wildflower feel, the versatile blooms can look more upscale when they're arranged in elegant vessels like silver compotes and footed vases.

Special thanks to Sean Nestlerode at Torchio Nursery in San Francisco for his help with our "In Season Now" flower series!