Sam Smith Surprises Two Brides With a Special Wedding Performance

Sam Smith Surprises Two Brides With a Special Wedding Performance

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Sam Smith does a lot more than just create your go-to jams for your breakup playlist.

The "I'm Not The Only One" singer recently surprised two brides on their wedding day, proving that though his songs can also generate tears of joy, too.

In his recent TV special Sam Smith at the BBC, the English singer-songwriter shared a clip of himself surprising same-sex couple Bec Baran and Lisa Best on their wedding day in London, England. Thanks to the help and planning of Best's niece and best woman, Katie, Smith was able to make a very sneaky appearance at the couple's reception.

After waiting outside the reception venue as the newlyweds to finished their first dance, Smith heard his cue to go in.

"So, Lisa and Bec, it is time for the surprise of your married lives. With a little bit of help from Lisa's best woman, we have been keeping a big secret from you," the DJ announced. "Please welcome Sam Smith!"

After greeting the two brides with a big hug, the singer performed "Latch" (thankfully saving his tear-jerker tracks for another time.)

"When he walked through the door, I just thought, 'Wow, that is actually Sam Smith!' This does not happen to us," Best said. "All of my friends and Bec's friends and family were really shocked. It was just another level."

Following the performance, Smith wished the brides congratulations, saying, "I saw the ceremony in London and it moves my heart so much to see you guys do this today. I truly hope you have a wonderful, wonderful life together. Thank you for having me here."

Smith was moved by the couple's ceremony and added in his TV special, "Just being a part of someone's day like that means the world to me. They're so in love. It's just incredible. They're so in love and it's so beautiful."