Want to Netflix 'n Chill? Better Add These Items to Your Wedding Registry

Want to Netflix 'n Chill? Better Add These Items to Your Wedding Registry

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We all know what it's like to daydream at work about the moment you can be reunited with your remote and couch. (Come on, admit it.) Especially during wedding planning, kicking back and binge watching your favorite series or movies may seem even sweeter. So, why not incorporate your love of some good ole R&R with your registry? Check out our favorite registry items for the perfect cozy night in.

The Look

The best part of streaming is the amazing amount of choice it gives the viewer, the ability to choose from a nearly unlimited collection of movies and TV to choose from. While you're always able to find something you're in the mood for, what streaming can't always replace is the thrill of watching on the big screen. To enhance your home-watching experience, be sure to register for a top TV.

Courtesy of LG

The LG OLED E7 comes in 55 and 65-inch sizes and is one of the best options out there if you're looking at the top end of the spectrum. LG's flagship model specializes in deep blacks, so the colors will really pop when you're cuddling together and watching in the dark. (E7 OLED 4K HDR Smart TV, $4499.99, LG)

Courtesy of Samsung

A bit further down in price, the Samsung KU model is a more affordable option-its super intuitive smart TV setup engine coupled with excellent picture for the price makes it a great value. (55" Class KU6290 4K UHD TV, $799.99, Samsung)

The Sound

Ever watch a show or movie where one minute you're struggling to hear the important words during a hushed conversation, then the next minute a big explosion or shootout is so loud its the speakers on your TV are crackling and you've woken up the dog? While the technology is improving all the time, and some TVs boast good sound systems, by and large, the speakers on your TV aren't great quality. Soundbars and home theater systems ensure that your next movie night or binge-watching session will sound just right.

There are plenty of soundbar options at all price ranges, but if you're looking for the best, Sonos has you covered. The Playbar is a soundbar that will do the trick for most homes. It's Bluetooth as well, so you can easily utilize its excellent sound quality for music whenever you entertain. ("Playbar" wireless soundbar and speaker, $699, Sonos)

And if you want to go big, Sonos' 5.1 Surround Sound Package will turn your living room into a true home theater. It comes with a Playbar, subwoofer, and two additional speakers-you'll be forgiven for thinking the villain is really creeping up behind you. (5.1 Surround sound package, $1646, Sonos)

The Comfort

To chill, you have to be comfortable. Registering for a great sofa or sectional ensures that when you're ready to relax, you'll have no problem slipping into ultimate comfort.

Courtesy of Potter Barn

If you need to be mindful of space, we love the sofas at Pottery Barn-particularly this Townsend model. It has the ever-important chaise, and it's reversible so you can choose which side of the couch and room you'd like to lie down on (you're on your own when it comes to duking it out with your spouse over who gets the chaise). ("Townsend" upholstered square-arm sofa, starting at $1995, Pottery Barn)

Courtesy of Restoration Hardware

If you've got some more space to work with, the Cloud Modular Sectionals at Restoration Hardware offer a lot of adaptability, aside from being truly divine to sink into. ("Cloud Modular" sectional, starting at $637, Restoration Hardware)

Courtesy of Macy's

And if you're registered at a big box store like Macy's, you could do a lot worse for trendy relaxation than the Ainsley three-piece sectional. ("Ainsley" 3-piece sectional with chaise and throw pillows, $4027, Macy's)

The Coziness

Whether you're watching a sweet romance or a tense thriller, sometimes you just need to get under the covers. A good throw blanket can make that little bit of difference to turn your TV or movie night into a truly cozy experience. And there are many great options that any of your friends and family will be happy to pick up for you.

Courtesy of West Elm

The West Elm faux fur leopard ombrГ© throw is a luxurious option that will definitely keep you warm. (Faux fur leopard ombrГ© throw, $89, West Elm)

Courtesy of West Elm

And the Diamond Dot can be easily monogrammed for a small fee. ("Diamond Dot" warmest throw, $39, West Elm)

The Popcorn!

What's movie night without the taste and smell of fresh popcorn? Instead of picking up microwaveable bags, pop your own kernels with this sleek Cuisinart Profressional Popcorn Maker.

Courtesy of Cuisinart

It looks great in any kitchen, plus makes up to 10 cups of popcorn in just around three minutes-so you won't miss the big scene when you catch that popcorn craving. (Popcorn maker, $79.95, Cuisinart)

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