Wedding Idea We Love: Beer Flights at the Reception

Wedding Idea We Love: Beer Flights at the Reception

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If you and your groom are beer lovers, why not share your favorite brews at your wedding reception by offering flights of your favorites? Clue guests in on the details of each beer - who brews it, tasting notes, etc. - with descriptive signage and invite everyone to try them all. Check out these six creative ways to incorporate beer flights and tastings into your wedding.

Lisa O'Dwyer

Beer Tastings: This bride's father made these wooden beer-tasting displays so guests could enjoy the couple's favorite local brews.

Nancy Ray Photography

Beer Flights: At this couple's wedding, different beer samplings were passed on trays as a nod to the groom's love of craft brews.

Sara Kate Photo

Beer Tastings: These clever beer-flight displays included the bottle cap to indicate the specific brewery.

Carla Ten Eyck Photography

Shot Glass Flights: Shot glasses are the perfect size for beer-tasting flights.

Jessica Cooper Photography

Beer Menu: If you're serving several beers at your reception, it's a nice idea to create a detailed beer menu explaining the different flavor profiles to help distinguish them all.

Nancy Neil Photography

Growlers: At cocktail hour, display growlers of beer from your favorite local breweries along with smaller tasting glasses so guests can try them all before picking their favorite.