Every Type of Bar You Can Offer at Your Reception

Every Type of Bar You Can Offer at Your Reception

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Besides your dress, flowers, and venue, there's one other other very important aspect of wedding planning: The booze! If you're looking to have a really good time at your wedding reception, the type of bar you choose is crucial. Here, the different types of bar options available and what they entail!

The type of bar you'll recognize first? Open bar. Open bar is exactly what it implies: the hosts pay a flat fee and then the guests can drink until they're well and merry. If you want, you can designate the open bar that lasts for a period of time (like the cocktail hour) or for the entire reception. Consumption bars are very similar to open bars except for the fact that the hosts, rather than pay a flat fee, pay per drink - think of it as a rolling open tab for all guests at the party.

Instead of offering unlimited options you can also do a white bar, which, like it says, only offers white beverages such as vodka, gin, white rum, white wine, etc. There's also the cost-cutting option of a soft bar, which only offers champagne, beer, red and white wine. Last but not least, there's the very budget-friendly of a cash bar, but beware: You may ruffle some guests's feathers by offering a cash bar. Instead of asking your guests to open their wallet, offer just a signature cocktail and wine. That way you'll still save money and your guests will stay happy.