Should We Set Up Activities for Kids Who Will be at Our Reception?

Should We Set Up Activities for Kids Who Will be at Our Reception?

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If you've decided to invite children to your wedding, you'll likely have some adorable little guests running around in tiny suits and dresses - what could be cuter? However, you'll also have younger guests who may not want to sit through dinner, and could lose patience halfway through your reception. A great way to keep the kids entertained - without their parents having to ditch the party at 8:30 - is to offer on-site babysitters to look after them while their parents are enjoying dinner or on the dance floor with you. Beyond hiring babysitters, do you need to set up activities for the kids? Here's what our experts think.

While it's not a necessity, putting together a selection of activities for your youngest guests to do during your reception is a thoughtful touch. Consider arming the babysitters with coloring books and crayons, games that appeal to a few different age groups, books, and a Disney movie or two so they can make sure everyone from your two-year-old flower girl to your ten-year-old niece has something to do. Keep in mind that most venues won't have items like this on-hand, so even if you're not putting together a whole evening of fun, you'll want to bring in some craft supplies and games for the kids to play with.

Consider wedding-related activities, like an I Spy game that will have kids keeping an eye out for a woman in a red dress, your cake cutting, or the first dance. If your venue has an outdoor space, a cornhole set or lawn bowling would be fun for children and adults alike. If you don't have a separate space where the babysitters can keep an eye on the kids, set up a kids' table at one end of the room, and top it with little gift bags full of no-mess activities for them to play with while their parents are partying.