8 Details We Loved From Diana Ross's Son's Wedding

8 Details We Loved From Diana Ross's Son's Wedding

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When a music icon's child gets married, you know the wedding will be, well, simply iconic. So it's no surprise that Diana Ross's son, Ross Arne Naess, had a wedding for the books.

Naess married his now wife Kimberly Ryan earlier this month in a beautifully picturesque ceremony in Santa Barbara. The couple opted for a bohemian, carefree and “shoes optional” event that looked like a fairytale come to life. The wedding party included close family and friends of the couple, including Naess's A-List siblings and pop star mother.

Beverly Hills-based wedding planner Mindy Weiss helped the couple's vision come to life through the addition of some unique finishing touches. Check out some of the beautiful and intricate details included in this dreamy celebration.

Whimsical Reception Lights

The Naess's wedding rehearsal, like the rest of their wedding, was held outdoors in front of a beautiful California backdrop. The dinner sat between an array of palm trees connected by whimsical strung lights that brightened up the beautiful evening.

Magically Romantic School Bus

Keeping in the lighthearted style of the ceremony, the couple chose to rent out a rustic looking school bus with “#CampHappinaess” painted across the side, adding a perfect extra touch of hippy spirit to the ambience.

Doughnut Wall

The couple's casual-chic reception featured a doughnut wall, a sweet touch to an already sugarcoated ceremony.

Glamping Tents

The #CampHappinaess theme came to life particularly in the sleeping arrangements for the wedding guests, which consisted of teepee style tents that lined the Santa Barbara waterfront.

Teepee Altar

The ceremony was held in a wooded forest venue surrounded by lush foliage and sat perfectly between two trees that naturally formed a heart. The couple chose a wooden teepee frame for their altar, which they covered in leafy greens that blended into the woodland background.

Leafy Tree Swing

In addition to the leafy altar, the couple added another adorable touch to the venue by installing a tree swing wrapped in vines. It made for the perfect photo op for the newlyweds as well as their guests.

Monogrammed Flower Girl Jackets

Ross Arne Naess's brother Evan Ross and his wife Ashlee Simpson joined the bridal party, featuring his daughter, Jagger Snow Ross, as one of the couple's flower girls. The girls were given matching monogrammed jean jackets and the result was nothing short of adorable.

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Groomsmen Hats

Naess added his own personal touch to the affair when he arranged for a leather sofa holding a handful of top hats to be featured before the ceremony. He requested that each groomsman pick a hat to wear down the aisle.