Prince Harry Is Very Much in Love With Meghan Markle, Which Basically Means an Engagement Is Coming

Prince Harry Is Very Much in Love With Meghan Markle, Which Basically Means an Engagement Is Coming

Pippa Middleton's wedding was just last weekend, but should we expect another set of nuptials? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have only been together for a little over a year, but it seems as though this relationship is on the fast track towards marriage, as Harry's "really in love" with the Suits actress.

“Harry was being the perfect gentleman with Meghan,” a source told People of Harry's romantic behavior towards his lady at the stunning reception.

Even though all signs are pointing towards a possible engagement, Harry still wants to take it slow, as he'd like for Markle to get used to the royal lifestyle. “He wants her to acclimatize to it all,” Ingrid Seward told the entertainment source. “It's such a whole different world to move into-there's so much to get used to. He's really in love with her, but wants to give it his best crack.”

One royal family member who's all for the nuptials? Queen Elizabeth II. According to U.K.'s Mirror and Daily Express, Harry requested permission to wed Markle, which received the Queen's royal blessing. "The way it's going, the engagement will probably happen this year," a source told Star magazine, according to both publications. "Harry has got approval from the queen to propose to Meghan. He's already had those conversations with Her Majesty. An engagement is imminent."

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Being that Markle is divorced from her first husband, Trevor Engelson, there was previous speculation that Harry was unable to wed the actress due to her marital history. Recently a spokesperson for Westminster Abbey has come forward to set the record straight.

“The Abbey follows the General Synod Ruling of 2002," he told the Express. "Since then it has been possible for divorced people to be married in the Church of England.”

The couple has made great strides to keep their relationship private, and sources say they are "deeply happy" after choosing to remain low-key. But, Harry and Markle are taking baby steps in bringing their relationship to the forefront. Early May, the duo sorta kinda made their first public appearance during the Audi Polo Challenge at Coworth Park Polo Club in Ascot, England. Harry participated in the games this year, so you know his leading lady had to be in attendance for some good luck!

Another royal wedding? We'll take it.