The Newlyweds To-Do List: 5 Fun Things to Do With Your New Husband

The Newlyweds To-Do List: 5 Fun Things to Do With Your New Husband

Sure, you'll have plenty of pesky housekeeping items to get done in your first few months as husband and wife (hello, thank you notes and duplicate gifts that need to be returned!), but here are five fun things to add to your list (and, we say, it's totally fine to do these first!):

1. Buy a cute return address stamp: Both practical (you're going to be writing a lot of thank you notes, after all) and cute (it symbolizes your new life together in a stylish way), an address stamp is a fun way to kick off your new life with your husband. And it's inexpensive: You can order them online or at most craft and paper supply stores.

__2. Plan your first wedding anniversary:__Yes, you just got married, but you'd be surprised how fast the first year sneaks by. And by the time it does, it's likely your favorite restaurant will be booked, and worse, you might find yourself low on creative ideas. The best thing to do? Think about it now? Talk to your husband about what he'd love to do to mark your first year together, then make a reservation or just agree on a plan so that you can have the year to look forward to it!

__3. Host a newlywed cocktail party:__If you haven't seen your closest friends since the reception, fix that fast! While it's easy (and normal) to get sucked into wedded bliss for a while, come out of your shell and plan a party (a small one is fine). Reconnect with your pals and mark the occasion of your first party as a married couple with appetizers, cocktails and fun. And, you might even serve the signature cocktail from your wedding (just to bring back happy memories!).

__4. Tackle a DIY project together:__While some might not consider painting the living room "fun," if you're doing it together, and for the first time, it can be. And tackling a DIY home project together is, in many ways, a right of passage of marriage. Keep it simple, and make it fun. For instance, if it's a room you're painting (a safe bet: not too hard, not too easy), pick out a paint color together, turn up the music, and spend the day painting (and talking). When the job is done, order takeout, open a bottle of wine, and enjoy in the room you've just beautified-together.

5. Adopt a pet: Even if one of you already has a pet, adopting one together can be a fun way to bond and establish yourself as not just a couple, but a family. And if a six-week-old puppy just seems like way too much work (and we get it!), may we suggest a fish? (Don't laugh, it's fun!)

-Sarah Jio

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