Gift Giving Ideas for When the Registry is Complete

Gift Giving Ideas for When the Registry is Complete

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Sometimes, giving a shower or wedding gift is as easy as logging in to a couple's wedding registry, and selecting gifts off their preselected wish list that you'd like to give, and that are in your desired price range. Other times, it's not that simple. When you notice a couple's registry is completed or that no options remain for you to give, what's a guest to do?

It's time to get creative, and we've made it easy. Check out our favorite options of gifts to give when the registry is complete.

Get Personal

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

One would argue you can never have enough monograms, and we'd have to agree! A custom cutting board, embroidered leather weekender bag, luggage tags, and glassware are only a small sampling of personalized products available at Pottery Barn.

Courtesy of YouTube

For fun pops of color and unique designs, Erin Condren also offers a wide array of personalized home dГ©cor including accent pillows, acrylic serving trays, wine totes, note cards and travel mugs that can be personally personalized with new last names, initials, and monograms.

Gifts that Keep on Giving

Courtesy of Winc

Getting packages delivered via monthly subscriptions are (sometimes) better than Christmas morning. Based on the couple's interests, you can arrange a membership to a subscription service that will bring them joy each month. For wine lovers, Winc has over 100 styles of wine sent four at a time that can be preselected, or serve as a surprise.

Courtesy of StitchFix

Fashionistas, or those who don't like to shop but do like new clothes, are sure to love a membership to StitchFix, a personal shopping service where you get to keep what you love and send back what you don't. (It's also perfect for busy brides-to-be!)

Courtesy of The Robb Report

For the couple that loves trying new and unique things, check out Robb Vices, a curated monthly gift box of “storied treasures” including fine wines, delectable bites, fun gadgets and more.

Honeymoon Surprises

If you're privy to the couple's honeymoon itinerary, including dates and where they'll be staying, a both thoughtful and useful option would be to gift them a dinner, round of drinks, or bottle of champagne to be sent to their room. While this would require a bit of advanced planning and communication, sweet touches like these often leave the biggest impressions.

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The Gift of Choice

A lot of people have mixed feelings when it comes to giving gift cards, gift certificates, or cash for a shower celebration. Yet when the registry is full and you're left with limited options, they're often among the best options. You can select a gift card to one of the stories they have registered at, enabling them to buy extra sets of dishware, or things they forgot to register for. Or, gift cards that can be used as debit cards are often welcomed by all soon-to-be wed couples, as expenses often pop up in unexpected places.


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