The Men of Magic Mike Live Want to Host Your Bachelorette Party

The Men of Magic Mike Live Want to Host Your Bachelorette Party

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Here are some things that make the world a better place: love, quality female friendships, and synchronized sexy dancing to Ginuwine's "Pony." Revel in all three by celebrating your bachelorette party at Magic Mike Live in Las Vegas.

The show is the rebel brainchild of Channing Tatum, real-life stripper turned star actor/producer/director, who decided male revues shouldn't demoralize anyone-on or off stage. In honor of the MML opening, Tatum wrote for Cosmo, "I want women to feel what it's like to exist in a world where men really listen to them-where they treat them like goddesses and where they can feel comfortable and proud to express the full force of their sexual energy together." That's why our boy Tatum polled real ladies about exactly what they wanted from MML with questions like "When was the last time you felt like you were the only woman on earth?" and "How does society influence preconceived notions of men and women?"

(Tatum 2020, amirite?)

With the most seductive of swaggers enters Magic Mike Live. The fictional Club Domina has been rendered into reality inside the Hard Rock Hotel, with a 360 degree stage, bangin' sound system, and 13 pairs of Hard Rock abs on 13 absurdly talented male performers. They dance, they sing, they stunt, they play instruments, and they fulfill all your fantasies.

Jerry Metellus Photography Inc.; Courtesy of Magic Mike Live

We know you've already started the bridesmaid group text about tickets, but hold your ponies for juuuust a second. There's some foreplay to cover: What should you expect? What should you wear? What should you do if Channing freakin' Tatum shows up!?

While we did ask Ryan Pires and David Terry-MML's drummer and singer, respectively-how they'd prefer bachelorettes to behave while attending to keep things sexy and safe (people were losing teeth, y'all!), this is far from another instance of men lecturing grown-ass women on how to behave.

Magic Mike Live is all about women telling men what to do. Read below for an extremely, erm, candid conversation with Pires and Terry about safe words, how to get chosen for a lap dance, and why Magic Mike Live may be the best bachelorette-party idea of all time.

Brides: Do you guys immediately know when a bach is in the house? Any tell-tale signs other than the hugely obvious “BRIDE” sash or veil?

Pires: I'd say 95 percent of the time there's a bachelorette party.

Terry: The bridal parties make themselves known. They're screaming and pointing at the bride as if we didn't have that big red flag in the form of a crown or whatever.

Pires: I promise we can recognize what the bride of a bachelorette party looks like. We got it. It's just funny because we don't only interact with the bride usually. The rest of the party is going, “Don't touch me! Just touch the bride!” and we're like, “Ladies, we have a whole show to touch all of you if you want us to.”

Anything a well(ish)-behaved lady can do to increase her chances of being picked to come on stage?

Pires: Enjoy yourself and enjoy the show and don't try too hard to seek out being brought up on stage. Generally, it's the girls who are crazy about getting on stage who are going to act crazy when they get on stage. Be chill and somewhat sober. I always pick someone who looks like she's having a good time but not raging. All the numbers where we bring people up on stage are somewhat demanding for the woman. You have to be able to follow along. So if you look out of control-no, you're not coming on stage. This isn't the drunk-lady number.

Terry: It's also that people have no idea what this show is. They think it's going to be another typical male revue, but we actually have a story built in, and there are numbers. We'll be in the middle of a dance number, and a girl will start reaching out like, “Take her! She's the bride!” And I'm like, “I don't know what you want me to do with her! I can't do anything with her right now! I'm doing a number here!” Have a good time! Dance! Throw your money or your fake money around! But when it comes to interactions, that's where we'll come to you.

Jerry Metellus Photography Inc.; Courtesy of Magic Mike Live

Pires: Right. Please don't punch us or cuss us out. I've had girls who are pointing at their bride while yelling at me, “You better take this f***ing b***ch on the stage because it's her motherf***in' wedding!” I'm like, “Wow. You are ruining this for your friend so hard right now-aggressively ruining her chances of coming onstage.” Oh, and put your damn phone down once in a while.

What if some women are acting like they don't want attention but they really do? Sorry (not sorry), it's a game some of us females like to play. And what about those women who don't yet know if they want it? Is there a way to separate the hard “no!”s from those open to persuasion?

Pires: I'll speak on my behalf-but for the most part, everyone else's too-we've all done this long enough now that I can read pretty well what any woman I'm approaching to dance with is down for. I don't mind putting my d*ck in someone's face at all. If that's what you're down for, I'll be able to read that.

Jerry Metellus Photography Inc.; Courtesy of Magic Mike Live

What does that look like? How does someone let you know that, specifically, is what they're down for?

Longest pause of this editor's life.

Terry: There's like a side turn and a little bit of an eye.

Pires: Yeah, it's definitely like an energy chakra thing. Honestly, it's just a vibe, you know? Like, if you look like you're having a good time, and you're looking at me with those “put your d*ck in my face” eyes… then say no more, ma'am. I got you.

Terry: Oh my God. What Ryan is trying to say is that we've done the show enough that we're able to pick the right people for certain things. We're able to read body language pretty well, and within the first few seconds of coming across somebody in the show, you pretty much know for the most part. Sometimes you can be very wrong-what they're down for, and what they're not, if they want attention, if they don't want attention…

Jerry Metellus Photography Inc.; Courtesy of Magic Mike Live

Is there a safe word?

Terry: Unicorn is the word they're advised to use by the female emcee, and it goes along with the theme of the show.

Can you give bachelorette parties some more general guidelines for what to do and not to do in order to make the most of their MML experience?

Pires: The main thing is, please be respectful. I don't think it's said at any point in the show to be considerate of us. It's meant to be a wild time, and we fully love that Vegas is a place where grown-ups can act like idiots. I support that, but I also support understanding what sexual assault is. It's not that I'm a fragile person by any means. I can handle plenty. That's why I'm in this job…

Terry: It's okay, Ryan. You can be honest with the people.

Pires: Laughs We're here for you guys, but we're still people with boundaries. Regardless of what someone's profession is, or whether they're male or female, every person has boundaries. It's like what women have been saying for years, you know? We're not just pieces of meat. I'm telling you, these girls wind up to smack our asses. I get my butt touched all day at work, and, believe me, I've become fully accustomed to it. But if you wind up to try to smack the sh*t out of my ass, that is big-ass assault. No pun intended.

Jerry Metellus Photography Inc.; Courtesy of Magic Mike Live

Anything else bachelorettes should know?

Terry: I know a lot of brides want to wear nice dresses, and sometimes we can work around it, but usually a lot of onstage stuff requires pants or trousers or a romper. Wear one of those! Ed. note: Deeply impressed by David's knowledge of the romper

Pires: Just relax. It's going to be fine. We're here for you guys.

Terry: I completely understand if you're apprehensive about coming to the show. People get skittish around interactive kinds of experiences, but we're there to make you feel comfortable. That is the bottom line. We're not there to embarrass you.

What's the wildest bach behavior you've seen?

Terry: We had a woman go into the bathroom and remove all of her clothes and then try to walk out back into the audience. Security stopped her before she got too far and had her put her clothes back on. A couple weeks ago, we also had a girl who was falling asleep when security had politely asked her at least three times not to. The sleepy girl was cool. She was like, “Yeah, I can leave. I'm tired.” But her friend all of a sudden took a chair, threw it at security, and then started throwing punches. They had to literally wrestle the girl out into an elevator.

Is Channing ever there? Are people constantly acting crazy scoping the room for him?

Pires: Channing doesn't necessarily perform, although he's expressed interest in performing soon.

Terry: Sometimes he'll come out for the encore or to open up the show and get the crowd excited. Or, he comes with friends and sits up in the mezzanine. If he's discovered, then basically we'll be doing lap dances and just stop because there's no point when everybody's looking at Channing.

Jerry Metellus Photography Inc.; Courtesy of Magic Mike Live

Can you make an argument for why MML is best type of bachelorette party?

Pires: It's an uplifting show. There's no putting anyone down. Everyone's an equal.

Terry: It comes from a women's perspective, and a place of women's empowerment. It's cool because it was designed by women who know going out with women. That's what the show is based around. It's not “Hey, come look at me! I'm so hot!” It's “How can I make you feel comfortable and how can I make you have a good time?” So, you're still getting a little bit of the raunchiness and sexiness, but then on top of that you get music, acrobatics, dancing, and comedy. It's just an all-around good time.

Pires: It's mostly just fun. Even guys can go to it and have fun. I can't tell you how many times a guy has been there with his girlfriend, like, “Dude, that was actually really awesome.” And then it's like we set 'em up, and they knock 'em down, you know? They leave the show all stoked and ready to roar.

Maybe brides should bring their fiancГ© instead of their bridal party.

Terry: That's actually not a terrible idea.

Pires: It happens! The fiancés are like, “Dude, thank you. This is seriously about to be so sick when we get back to the hotel room… ”


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