More Ways to Keep Your Guests Cool at a Summer Wedding

More Ways to Keep Your Guests Cool at a Summer Wedding

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As much as we love summer weddings, in many parts of the country, it can be blistering hot and humid this time of the year. (The East coast is brutal right now!) Keeping your guests comfortable should be a main priority and we've been sharing some fun ways to help them beat the heat. Here's another round of creative ideas your guests will definitely appreciate.

Relief Station (above): Keep guests comfortable by setting up a table stocked with chilled towels, bug spray, and even flip flops for guests to change into.

Photo: Metts Photo

Sunscreen: If you're having an outdoor ceremony, be sure have several tubes or cans of sunscreen to protect guests from sunburn.

Photo: Jose Villa

Facial Mist: Another stay-cool idea: create a help-yourself station of mini spray bottles filled with cool water.

Photo: Ingalls Photo

Straw Hats and Fans: Give guests accessories like straw hats and fans to keep cool during the ceremony.

Photo: Joey Pippin

Sunglasses: Encourage guests to protect their peepers by providing shades.

Photo: Gideon Photo

Parasols: Keep baskets of pretty parasols on hand so guests can shield themselves from the sun.


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