The 11 Absolute Best Parts of Being a Bridesmaid

The 11 Absolute Best Parts of Being a Bridesmaid

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Sure, you may bitch and complain about the bridesmaid dress you have to wear or the insane amount of money you're about to throw down, but let's all take a moment to just appreciate how freaking awesome being a bridesmaid really is. Between all the freebies (like food and booze) and opportunities to chill with all your main girls, it's kind of the best, y'all. Not to mention, you get a front row seat to watching your BFF get married, and that's worth its weight in gold!

Former 'maids can relate, these are the absolute best parts of serving as a bridesmaid.

1. Getting Asked
Because who doesn't love when someone else pops the question? Yep, even if it is your BFF! Bonus points if the bride sends you a big fat box of goodies in the mail chock full of confetti, a cute card, champagne and a ring pop to make it official of course.

2. The Bachelorette Party
Um, duh! This is probably at the top of every bridesmaid's wedding perk list. Any excuse to plan a weekend getaway with the girls, preferably somewhere tropical where you can get your tan on and party until the break of dawn, is always, always welcome.

3. Pro Glam Session
Because let's face it, who doesn't love to get pampered by a pro… for free!? As a bridesmaid, it's your duty to look your best on the big day and obviously you take your job very, very seriously so bring on the professional hair and makeup! Gotta keep that selfie/Instagram game strong.

4. Professional Photos
Can we say free photo shoot!? While iPhones are great, let's be honest, there's nothing that really competes with having someone snap a photo of you professionally, particularly when you're dressed to the nines and posing with all your favorite peeps at the same time. Doesn't get much better than that.

5. Tons of Girl Time
Life gets busy, but when you're part of a bridal party, you're literally forced to make time to do fun stuff together, like go wedding gown and bridesmaid dress shopping with your BFFs, do lunch and DIY decorations while you mostly just pig out on pizza, drink wine and watch The Bachelor.

6. Day Drinking
Speaking of wine, weddings are like one big excuse to day drink without getting judged. At the bridal salon trying on dresses? Gots to cheers the bride with a glass of champagne. Getting ready the day of? Again, the occasion wouldn't be complete without some bubbly, nor would the bridal shower. And, of course, you can't forget the bachelorette party. That's like 48 hours straight of day to night debauchery because it's a celebration, obvy.

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7. Diet Cheating
It would be rude not to have her cake and eat it too, right? All diet rules go out the window at a wedding… and the bachelorette party and bridal shower and engagement party as well.

8. But Also Getting in Shape (//
The bride wants to look banging in her dress, but so do you! While there may be some diet cheating going on (it's only natural), overall, being a bridesmaid helps push you to be your best self, both inside and out.

9. Seeing Your BFF Get Hitched
Cue the waterworks now! There's nothing that compares to the moment you see your best friend walking down the aisle in her wedding dress looking absolutely stunning and like a vision in white. Well, except maybe the vows, because those get you every dang time, darnit! Honestly though, witnessing your girl say, “I do” to the love of her life makes all the chaos and drama leading up to the wedding all worth it and, in our opinion, is the absolute best perk of being a bridesmaid.

10. Acting as a VIP Party Guest
It may not be your party, but you're def a VIP and oftentimes that comes with some pretty sweet perks, like preferred seating and free food and booze before the party even gets started. Not to mention a gift from the gorgeous bride herself.

11. Taking a Vacation
With destination weddings rising in popularity, chances are, the next time you get asked to be a bridesmaid you'll also be committing to a killer vacation where you'll get to hang out with your boo and BFFs in paradise. What's not to love? Okay the money factor, but you'll soon forget about that.