Best Registry Items for Couples Who Already Live Together

Best Registry Items for Couples Who Already Live Together

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Traditionally, wedding registries have been a way for a soon-to-be-married couple to furnish and accessorize the new house they're going to move into together. However, times and social views have changed, which means many modern couples are already living together before they tie the knot. So, if you're already living with your future spouse, what should you focus on to make the most of your registry? Here are some of our favorite suggestions.

Upgrade Your Bedding

You spend about a third of your day (and life!) in bed, so why skimp on quality when it comes to the bedroom? Registering for new, high-quality bedding is an excellent use of your registry. Brooklinen offers incredibly comfortable sheets, pillows, and comforters in a variety of colors. Why not go for their Move-In Bundle (even if you're not technically moving in)? It comes with everything you need-a sheet set, pillows and a comforter, and you can personalize each in the material and color that best for your preferences and decor.

Improve Your Home Entertainment

Now that you're married, you'll have a lot more, “Let's stay in and watch a movie” nights. And you'll learn to savor them too. Improve your Netflix 'n Chill time by upgrading to a home theater and sound system. We promise that once you've watched your favorite TV shows and movies on a high-quality system and not just through your TV's dinky speakers, you'll never go back.

For a bit of a premium sound, go with the Bose Acoustimass 6 Series which comes with five highly-compact speakers that are space-saving enough to fit in any room while having the requisite Bose power to fill up any area with high quality sound. A bit lower on the price ladder, the Samsung HT - J5500W Home Theater System offers great surround sound, a subwoofer and comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity as well.

Get More Comfy

You very well might have had a lower budget when you first moved in together, but now that you're getting married, it's time to upgrade your furniture. We love the sofas at Pottery Barn, particularly the Townsend model for those who might have limited space or a more compact living space. Both of you can comfortably sit or lie down, thanks to the oh-so-important chaise lounge, which is also reversible to best fit your particular living space. If you've got some more room to work with, Restoration Hardware's Cloud Modular Sectionals are an adaptable, luxurious option.

Give Your Kitchen Some Love

You probably didn't splurge for all new kitchen gadgets when you moved in together. Let's face it, that dusty old mixer from your post-college years does not belong in a newlywed kitchen. Take advantage of your registry to upgrade your pots, pans, and most importantly the gadgets. Registry standards for a reason, Cuisinart's stand mixers and food processors would make even the most seasoned chef smile. Nonstick cookware is a vital part of testing out new recipes so don't forget to add those in too.

Keep it Clean!

Hopefully, moving in with your significant other made you both be extra mindful about keeping clean. But complacency often sets in. Take the opportunity on your wedding registry to grab a brand-new vacuum that will make sure everything in your home remains neat and tidy. The Roomba is always a great option, especially for young professionals who may not feel like they have the time or energy to vacuum. While there are cheaper options, we suggest going with the 690 Model or above, as they all come with the iRobot HOME mobile app which lets you connect remotely to have the Roomba clean while you're away.

If you're someone who is skeptical of robots, or just like to be in control, the Dyson Ball Animal 2 will do you well. It's lightweight and gets in all the tough-to-get-to areas and its slim design means it won't take up much space in storage.

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Enhance Your Honeymoon

Since you already live together, why not use your registry on some experiences outside the house? More and more couples are using honeymoon registries, which have proven to be a great way to enhance a post-wedding vacation. Wanderable and Honeyfund are two services that come highly recommended. Through these services, you can register for experiences on your trips like tours or outdoor activities specifically, or allow your friends and family to surprise you with gifts while on your journey.

Luggage upgrades are also a great registry item, especially if your current luggage has seen better days. Check out our modern luggage guide for chic inspo.