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What Siblings Who Aren't in Your Wedding Should Wear

What Siblings Who Aren't in Your Wedding Should Wear

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You two have your attire set, and your bridesmaids and groomsmen are ready to don their coordinating outfits-but there are more people whose wedding day clothing you should consider. Chances are you've got siblings or close family members who aren't in the wedding party-some of whom may be participating in your ceremony. So while they're ready to follow the dress code, should you pick out something specific for them to wear? Here's what our experts have to say about what siblings who aren't in the wedding party should wear on your big day.

Match the Formality, and the Colors

If you're having a formal wedding, make sure your siblings wear something just as dressy as your wedding party. That means brothers should be in tuxedos (even if the dress code is black-tie optional) and sisters in floor-length gowns. For something a little more casual, think about putting your brothers in suits that go well with the groomsmen looks. That might mean gray suits if the groomsmen are wearing charcoal, or sports coats in a similar or coordinating shade, like navy. To really tie it all together, consider giving your brothers ties that match or complement your groomsmen to set them apart from the rest of your guests.

Your sisters don't need to wear dresses that match the bridesmaids, but they should definitely fit your dress code to a T. This is the perfect opportunity for a shopping trip to help them find something they love and feel comfortable in that also works with your color scheme and overall vision for the day. Your moms will likely try to wear dresses that generally match your color scheme, but it's up to you whether you'd like to extend this to your sisters as well. (But just imagine how beautiful that color-coordinated photo will look.)

If the wedding is more casual, or you aren't having a wedding party at all, again, make sure your siblings are representative of your dress code. For example, your brothers would look just right in linen shirts at a casual beach wedding, while a sun hat and wedge sandals would complete your sisters' beachy, casual looks.

Mind the Details

For any siblings who are participating in the ceremony as ushers or readers, details that will illustrate that they're a big part of the celebration are a great idea, whether it's matching ties, boutonnieres, corsages, or dresses in a similar hue to those worn by the bridesmaids.

Overall, when helping your siblings who aren't in the wedding party figure out what to wear, consistency is key. Choose colors and styles that coordinate with the wedding party and your overall theme and color scheme to help your siblings look and feel like VIPs in your wedding celebration.