If T-Pain's Tweet Isn't #CoupleGoals, We Don't Know What Is

If T-Pain's Tweet Isn't #CoupleGoals, We Don't Know What Is

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It turns out rapper T-Pain and his wife are just like you and your spouse. They, like all of us, have every intention of going to bed early to take on the world the next day-but then fail miserably at getting some shut eye.

“My marriage has turned into a nightly routine of my wife and I running down the list of reasons we should go to bed early so we can wake up and get sh!t done the next day," T-Pain recently tweeted. Yes, this is a model marriage right here. Keep going!

"… then by the 675th cat gif on reddit we both yell “how the f*ck is it 3am?!” wrote the rapper. Okay, maybe they aren't the most productive celebrity couple ever (we're looking at you, George and Amal Clooney), but if they aren't the most relatable, we don't know who is. If you're not late scrolling in bed with bae, are you even doing marriage right?

“Worth it,” he added. “I love her.”

The tweet has been up for less than 24 hours and already has 32,000 retweets and 200,000 likes. His followers naturally replied with their personal favorite cat GIFs, but some were more caught up by the fact that the “Buy U a Drank” singer is in fact married. Honestly, it kinda snuck up on all of us.

According to Vibe magazine, he's been happily married to his wife Amber Najm since 2003 and they also share three children together- a daughter, Lyriq, and two sons, Muziq and Kaydnzz Kodah.

Whoa. Talk about a low-key relationship, but clearly one that works. T-Pain, born Faheem Rashad Najm, posted a picture of his tweet to his new Instagram account with the caption, “Soul mates, bro… soul mates.”

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Moral of the story: Find someone who loves cat GIFs as much as you do for plenty of late night laughs-a #couplegoal if there ever was one. Congrats to T-Pain for finding the secret to marriage. Who knew it was so cute?