Meghan Markle's Possible Wedding Dress Designer Just Dropped Some Major Hints

Meghan Markle's Possible Wedding Dress Designer Just Dropped Some Major Hints

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Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for ever since Prince Harry popped the question-Meghan Markle's dress designer might have just been revealed!

Yes, that's right-we may not have to wait until May 19 to discover the label behind the beautiful bride-to-be's wedding gown. One of Markle's favorite designers, Rouland Mouret, gave some oh-so-suspicious answers when asked if he had any ties to Markle's gown, leading us to believe her future dress has his name written all over it.

When previously asked by WWD, the London-based designer coyly replied, "Mmmmm, I don't want to say. No comment. It's… there is no comment on that. She's a friend. And that's… I can't say." However, when asked by the New York Post later this month, he seemed slightly more chatty. "Meghan knows really well what she likes and the main thing with Meghan is to listen to her and work in collaboration with her," he said. "I've already said too much," he added later, so it seems like all signs are starting to point to Mouret.

Markle and Mouret first crossed paths in Instanbul… in a hotel elevator, of all places. "This man in a bathrobe said, 'I love to dress you,'" Meghan once confessed of the French designer. "I thought 'whaaat?' Then he told me who he was and we've been friends ever since." Based on that, we can't think of a better pick to design her wedding day frock.

Recently, royal wedding fans across the pond believed Alexander McQueen, who designed Kate Middleton's iconic wedding dress, was The One for Markle. Brits had placed their wedding dress bets on a waging website called Betfair, which had to close down gambles because of a major influx in McQueen estimates. This sharp turn in bets could indicate that someone leaked the royal wedding dress designer, but it's still up in the air whether Markle might sport a McQueen or Mouret piece.

Whoever the designer may be, Omid Scobie, a royal reporter and biographer, confirmed to ABC News last month that the blushing bride-to-be had officially selected her chosen wedding dress label, and she'd already undergone a dress fitting. This is like a real-life Cinderella story, minus all the mice and birds.

"Meghan flew in her close friend and bridal stylist Jessica Mulroney from Toronto to London last weekend where she attended a top-secret fitting at Kensington Palace with the designer," Scobie revealed. Words cannot describe how jealous we are that Mulroney landed a sneak peek of the royal wedding garb. However, even with four months until the big day, Markle still hadn't fully settled on the dress of her dreams. "They've tried on a number of different designs and are currently whittling it down to pick the best design for the day," he added of the fitting.

Scobie revealed that Markle "expressed the desire to wear something simple and classy and very elegant" on the wedding day. Sounds fit for a royal! "Right now only a small, select group of people know the designer's name, so don't expect to find out any time soon," Scobie tweeted, much to our dismay. But, seems enough people feel confident in placing their bets on it.

As for wedding dress prep, it seems that Prince Harry is leaving this planning detail strictly to the ladies. Scobie says "Harry made himself scarce" during Mulroney's four-day trip to Nottingham Cottage to give them "plenty of private time to kind of have their meetings with the designers and, of course, choose other wedding elements," said Scobie. "Harry's kind of made it clear that he wants to make this about Meghan." With or without Harry's input, we have no doubt Markle will pick a to-die-for gown, especially based on her enviable killer fashion sense.

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While we'll have to patiently continue waiting for more dress details, Mulroney-who we predict will land an invite to Markle's low-key bachelorette party and potentially earn bridesmaid status-also gets the honor of helping plan the royal wedding alongside the future bride (talk about a portfolio boost). The bridal stylist and planner will help narrow down the reception theme and the looks for the wedding party. Mulroney has doubled as Markle's stylist and BFF the past few years, so she knows a thing or two about the former actress's taste.

"She's actually helping with a number of elements for the big day and I think Meghan is really relying heavily on her expertise and a lot of the decision she has to make, and there are many," Scobie said of Mulroney. He also commended her expertise, saying that she "has a rich history when it comes to… wedding planning and bridal styling."

This exciting news means we're one step closer to finally getting to see Meghan Markle rock a wedding dress! May 19 can't come soon enough.