Describing Your Wedding Style In Three Words

Describing Your Wedding Style In Three Words

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We recently asked our Twitter followers what three words best describe their wedding style. Why just three words? Apart from the brevity of the Twitter format, we think it's important to be able to distill the mood you want at your wedding into just a few adjectives-they'll help keep you and your vendors on track during the planning process. Here's what our followers had to say about their wedding styles:

Modern. Fun. Happy. :) [email protected]

Summery, traditional, fun [email protected]

Modern, Jetset & yet still Classic. (just got engaged Friday in Italy!) [email protected]

Fun, fabulous, and pink! [email protected]

Romantic, fun, & colorful! [email protected]

Classic yet totally wild meets hopeless romantic [email protected]

Girly, Glitzy, & Glam! [email protected]

My Wedding Style: Island Chic… Classy… Fun! [email protected]_Bride

To join in the discussion (and to read our daily wedding musings, tips, and ideas) follow us at Not on Twitter? Share your own "three words" in the comments. -Ainsley Ellington