Kate Middleton and Prince William Reportedly Have Adorable Pet Names for Each Other

Kate Middleton and Prince William Reportedly Have Adorable Pet Names for Each Other

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To the rest of the world they may be known as "The Duke and Duchess of Wales," but behind palace doors Kate Middleton and Prince William have a totally different set of names for one another. And - spoiler alert - they are absolutely adorable.

According to Harper's Bazaar, attendants at the 2016 Chelsea Flower Show heard the couple calling each other "babe" and "darling." "Babe, we've got loads of these," Kate said, referring to a particular plant in the show. For his part, William was overheard asking his bride, "Could you make one of these, darling?" about a poppy display.

Pet names, it seems, have been a part of Will and Kate's relationship long before they walked down the aisle at Westminster Abbey in 2011. In 2005, William's voicemails were hacked, and the transcripts revealed that he called Kate "baby" and "babykins" when he'd call her from the military academy while they were dating.

"Hi baby," he said in one message, per The Daily Mail. "Had a busy day today again." In another, he gushed, "Oh, my little babykins! I hope you are all right."

Will and Kate aren't the only royal couple who use pet names with each other. Earlier this week, Meghan Markle let her nickname for Prince Harry slip out during their visit to a Hamilton performance in London. While posing for a photo with the cast after the show, Meghan turned to her husband of four months and asked, "Can you see, my love?"

Understandably, everyone present had the exact same reaction as we did, which led to a synchronized "awww" among the cast. Meghan seemed to be embarrassed by the brief moment of PDA, and let out an "oh!" before blushing and covering her face. (At least she didn't get caught saying "babykins"!)

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