How to Send Nude Pictures to Your Partner

How to Send Nude Pictures to Your Partner

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Sending nudes is an art form that is not given nearly enough credit. From lighting, to angles, to setting-snapping naked pictures is not some easy task. When your partner texts: “Send a nude,” you can't just throw your top off and go for it. You need to have a nude reserve. Duh…

There is a lot of information about the risks of sending nudes, but not a whole lot of information on how to actually send a good nude. We focus on the scary part and forget that for consenting adults, sending nudes is super fun. When you're in a long-term relationship or a marriage, you're going to want to send some nude pictures. Get real.

Keep the spark alive one amazing butt photo at a time, you know? Here is your ultimate guide to sending nude pics. Go forth, snap those photos, live your life.

Make use of natural and soft lighting

There is nothing like the golden light of morning coming through your bedroom window, or that melty evening glow at sunset. Take advantage of how this glorious light makes your body look. You know you're already posing for selfies, nudes are simply the next logical step.

Do not take nude photos under fluorescent lighting, under any circumstances. You will look yellow and your skin will look blotchy. Not ideal.

The easiest way to make use of natural light is to strip the minute you wake up, when you partner has either left for work or is in the bathroom or kitchen. You have to get dressed anyway, right? Snap a few nudes at a few different angles from bed. You can edit them later.

Now that you're up and already naked, you can always go surprise BAE while he or she is making coffee. Nothing says, “Good morning!” like a naked make-out session and some no-frills oral sex.

Keep nudes in a special, separate folder

Always have a stash of nudes for later use. If you get one great photo, take a bunch more. You'll want them for when the time arises. Having extra nudes is paramount. If you need to send a pic on the fly, you don't want to find you're without resources.

Plus, you'll have your partner wondering how in the heck you managed to pull off this picture at work. Tantalizing to say the least.

Get an app like KeepSafe to stash your nudes. It's a password protected app to keep your nudes out of the main photo album on your phone. The last thing you want is a coworker looking through pictures of your dog and to happen across one of your naked booty. Awkward.

Take nudes lying down (or kneeling)

The question most commonly asked is: How do I look my best when taking nudes?

Take a nude photo while lying down. This is subjective, but for the most part, you'll have the most success here. It's just plain easier to make your boobs look amazing if you're lying down and arching your back. Will they look entirely natural? Maybe not, but you'll feel great about how they look at this angle.

Plus, your abs are always on lock when lying down. Nudes are kind of like a more fantastical, hyper-sexualized version of what you really look like. It's creating a fantasy where you are the subject. Hot.

If you prefer the natural look, that is totally fine. No one way is better than any other as long as you feel sexy. If you're looking for a more “slutty natural” look, try taking pictures on your knees. You'll get a fabulous angle, and be able to push your breasts together.

Take photos from above

Don't take pictures from a downward angle (i.e. pointing up at your face from below your boobs). Finding your best angle is the key to great nude photos. Again, this is going to depend on what you think makes you look hottest. Taking pictures from above does two big things: It highlights your best attributes and gets your whole body in the picture (not easy!).

If you take a photo from above, your boobs are the star (no matter how big or small they are, they will still look fantastic), while your vulva, torso and legs play guest roles. Photos from above are flattering and accentuate your favorite features.

The most important part of sending nude pictures is that you feel good about them.

Don't put your face in any photo

Now, obviously you trust your partner and know they would never send your pictures out anywhere. Right? We hope so.

Either way, there is NO reason why your face should ever be in a nude photo. A nude picture is about your hot AF body, not your face. It's just not worth the risk. If you ever happened to breakup, you'd know this person has naked pictures of you. Never give that kind of power to someone.

If you want naked pictures with your face in them, keep them for yourself! That being said, nudes where your mouth or chin are present are probably OK. As long as you can't tell that it's you, you're good.

For butt nudes, get selfie stick

If you're feeling extra creative and committed to getting that perfect butt selfie, get yourself a selfie stick. No one needs to know you have a selfie stick. It can be your secret.

Getting a butt pic is infamously difficult. Like, how do you even get your arm to stretch that way?!!? It's a mystery. Unless you have a selfie stick.

Lie on your side and use one arm to reach behind you. The selfie stick gives you extra space to get your whole booty. Your butt will be a masterpiece. If you don't want to get the selfie stick, take the picture from behind in the mirror, with the camera over your shoulder.

It's 2018, we have timers now

Another great tool to try: the timer on your phone camera. This works especially well for butt pictures. Set the timer for 10 seconds. Turn around and stick your butt out, leaning forward. Take a bunch of options.

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Be sure the “live photo” function is off. If it's turned on, you'll wind up sending photos that are not just of your butt, but also feature you turning around like a weird, unflattering GIF.

Gigi Engle is a certified sex coach, educator, and writer living in Chicago. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @GigiEngle.