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These Are the Wedding Guest Dresses That Will Be Everywhere in 2019

These Are the Wedding Guest Dresses That Will Be Everywhere in 2019

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Figuring out what to wear to a wedding is the eternal question that haunts our minds at Brides. Wedding guest dresses are more flexible than ever these days with dress codes coming in a variety of forms, so it's no wonder it can be hard to find just the right thing to wear to each wedding. So what exactly is everyone wearing to weddings this year? We tapped the experts at Rent the Runway-after all, they see what everyone is renting for what!-to get the scoop on the type of wedding guest dress trends they are seeing for 2019.

According to Rent the Runway's buying director, Arielle Shapiro, it looks like wedding guests will keep things a bit more traditional with midi-length skirts. "These are flattering on women within a range of heights, allowing you to be formal while still showing off your shoes," says Shapiro. Fuller skirts are also taking a break this upcoming wedding season, with more formfitting and minimal silhouettes on the rise for wedding guests. Minimal doesn't have to mean boring-these sleek silhouettes are being adorned with novel embellishments such as lace, sequin, or illusion detailing." She adds, "We've seen a rise in one-shoulder necklines on the wedding guest trends list, with asymmetrical looks making a big splash on the wedding circuit."

While more and more weddings are taking place in the fall (September and October are the most popular months to get married, according to our American Wedding Study), summer and spring still see their fare share of I do's. Fall weddings see guests going for a dark color palette-navy, burgundy-a bit of sparkle, and longer sleeves. As is expected, spring weddings are attracting a more pastel hue but surprisingly, bright, assertive colors-think fuchsia pink, bright red, or even bold florals, are still making a splash for a warm-weather wedding. For summer weddings, guests are still breaking out their versatile maxi dresses-they can go from casual to formal with just a hint of accessorizing.

Wedding guests aren't the only ones who are hitting RTR; bridesmaids dresses are also trending on the platform. Shapiro says that blush, champagne, gray, red, navy, and black have seen the most rise in popularity for bridesmaids. And the tradition of brides wearing all white to all their wedding events may be seeing its last legs. Brides are renting looks for the shower and rehearsal dinner with a pop of color, and also keeping it more modern in rompers and jumpsuits.

Do you have a full calendar of weddings for the year? Rent the Runway can help take the guesswork out of planning the perfect wedding season wardrobe.


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