The Internet Is Torn Over This Couple's Pricey and 'Aggressive' Save-the-Dates

The Internet Is Torn Over This Couple's Pricey and 'Aggressive' Save-the-Dates

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Brides want the best of the best for their big day, but sometimes that requires a little extra dough. We've seen brides who require pricey entrance fees and brides who have demanded ridiculous dress codes, and everyone could agree that those brides were asking way too much from their guests. But the latest viral wedding story has people divided on whether or not this couple is too demanding or just flat-out honest.

According to Australian news site, a photo of a couple's save-the-dates has gone viral after one user anonymously posted it to Facebook. The "aggressive" list of demands, titled "Things To Keep In Mind Before You Say Yes," includes a suggested $4,000+ budget for the trip, as well as taking one to two weeks off for the affair.

"The wedding will be held over in an Asian country (Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.) One of the above we haven't decided. The flights over range from 10 to 13 hours long, usually costing from 500$ to 1100$ sic (total departure & return flights)" the letter reads. "You will need at least two weeks off… one week is to sic short for how long the flights are. Only 2-3 days for the wedding festivities, but the rest of the time is yours to do and go on whatever adventures you like. You will need approximately $4,000 to $5,000 or more if you desire, that includes hotels, food, drink, daily adventures, scooter rentals. Just good to have a safe buffer of money."

The couple added that the bride-and-groom-to-be would decide on a location and date once they had enough guests commit to their lavish nuptials.

"Once we receive everyone's save the dates back and know how many people are willing to make the long journey to attend, we will begin finding a venue and send out the invitations with the name, dates and time of the ceremony/reception as well as all the information we have learned over our trips to make traveling over there easier for everyone," the letter reads. "Once you have received your invitations you can proceed with booking flights, holidays from work and so on. We hope to give you at least 9 months in advance, so if you want to attend start saving your pennies now!"

The outlet reported that readers were not amused by this couple's letter, and many Facebook users took to the comment section to air their grievances about the situation.

“She might not even need a venue after those 'save the dates', as it might just be her and the hubby,” one commenter wrote.

“These people really do not want anyone at their wedding,” wrote another.

But not everyone was as anti-letter. Some readers agreed that while the tone of the message was a bit aggressive, the couple was simply preparing her guests for what was to come, with some even suggesting that they were "being mindful."

“It is a good idea in theory but they didn't execute it very well,” one wrote.

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