Watch This Bicyclist Straight-Up Ruin This Marriage Proposal

Watch This Bicyclist Straight-Up Ruin This Marriage Proposal

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Pro tip to all boyfriends and girlfriends brainstorming your future proposals, especially outdoors: beware of bicyclists. One future groom, 25-year-old Blake Martin of Louisville, KY, recently learned this rather random lesson the hard way when a nearby bicyclist photobombed his proposal.

According to Daily Mail, Martin spent three months carefully mapping out the details for his November 9 proposal to girlfriend (spoiler: now fiancГ©e) Shannon Keene. After much deliberation, he decided to pop the question on a wooden bridge within Louisville's scenic Cherokee Park. Local newspaper Courier Journal also reports that Martin planned to invite 70 of the couple's nearest and dearest to a celebratory engagement party after Keene said "yes," as well.

With the locale carefully pinpointed, next came the matter of getting Keene, a law student at the University of Louisville, to the park without blowing the surprise. Quick on his feet, Martin enlisted the help of Keene's classmate and skilled photographer, Christine Calacsan, who had previously captured the couple on camera.

"Christine told Shannon she had a new lens for her camera and wanted to try it out by taking some photographs of the two of us," Martin told Courier Journal.

The ploy worked, and everything seemed to be going according to plan once the thoughtfully-curated day rolled around. With Calacsan in tow, the duo came across Martin's predetermined spot. There, he asked Keene to stand along the bridge's railing by herself and face the creek for a photo. "He said that would be a nice picture," Keene explained. "I thought that was a dumb idea but eventually I just did it."

Here's where the proposal starts to get hilariously dicey. With Keene's back to him, Martin promptly got down on one knee and whipped out an engagement ring. However, just as she turned around and Martin said, "I love you, will you marry me," an unsuspecting bicyclist in an orange jacket rode directly in the middle of their proposal. Talk about a mood killer.

"It was at this exact moment this man flies by on a bike so fast I hardly even registered it," Martin recalled.

Taken aback, Keene exclaimed, "What the h*ll!?" as the unintentional engagement-ruiner rode away. Once he realized the error of his ways, though, he did turn his head to quickly apologize. Even with the unexpected interruption, Keene unsurprisingly still said "yes."

Lucky for the pair, who have been dating for four years, Calacsan photographed the whole exchange. "It wasn't until after we hugged that Christine said, 'You won't believe the photo I got,'" the future bride told Daily Mail. See the hilarious pic here!

An unbelievable photo, indeed-it's truly a snippet they'll want to hold onto forever. "Afterwards I was like, 'What in the world was this guy thinking?' When we saw the photo we just laughed," Martin added.

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Let it be known that the couple, who met while attending Centre College, has no feelings of resentment whatsoever-in fact, they actually want to find their proposal photobomber. "We definitely want another photo with him and want to let him know that he made this special moment even better than we could have hoped for," Martin told Courier Journal. "I mean, who else can say they got photobombed at the exact moment they got engaged?" Perhaps the unidentified biker, wherever he may be, will score an invite to the wedding.