No Time to Spring Clean? Add These Smart Home Cleaning Products to Your Wedding Registry

No Time to Spring Clean? Add These Smart Home Cleaning Products to Your Wedding Registry

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Does anyone really love to clean? And if so, does anyone really have the time-especially when you have a wedding to plan? Thankfully, you can add these smart home cleaning products to your wedding registry so you won't have to spend precious wedding-planning time scrubbing floors.

In a day and age where nearly everything is "smart" or connected, the home cleaning industry is keeping up with the times. These smart cleaning products will keep your home spiffy and save you time. If that doesn't make these smart home cleaning products worthy of a place on your wedding registry, we don't know what will!

These are all the smart home cleaning products you need to add to your wedding registry, STAT. You can thank us later (from your newly clean home!).

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IRobot Braava Jet

Courtesy of iRobot

Mopping can be both time consuming and a bit complicated, involving sloppy supplies and back-breaking labor. But the company that brought us the life-changing Roomba also has a smart mopping solution that ensures you'll never have to grab a bucket ever again. The Braava Jet is so easy to use-just fill it up, insert a pad, and press "start." It works just like a Roomba, using internal sensors to clean only the hard surfaces you need. A bonus is how compact it is, making it easy to store away until the next use.

SHOP NOW: Bed Bath & Beyond, $170

Shark Ion Robot Vacuum R75

Courtesy of Shark

Start vacuuming from anywhere you have an internet connection with the Shark Ion R75, which comes with Google and Amazon Alexa voice compatibility. The side brushes set this unit apart from competitors, cleaning corners and edges sufficiently, while the self-cleaning brush roll helps extend the R75's lifespan.

SHOP NOW: Shark, $300

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner

Courtesy of Scrubbing Bubbles

Showers and tubs can develop mildew in seemingly just a few days, and the discoloration can be difficult to remove once it settles in. Daily upkeep is also time-consuming-but not with this automatic daily shower cleaner from Scrubbing Bubbles. After you're done in the shower each day, simply press a button and the hanging cleaner gets to work. Each kit comes with 30 days' worth of cleaning.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $300

Kenmore Elite Smart Dishwasher

Courtesy of Sears

If you've ever loaded up the dishwasher and then forgotten to press “start,” you know the frustration. That potential nuisance is eliminated with the Kenmore Elite Smart Dishwasher, which you can control from anywhere with access to the Kenmore Smart App. Aside from that technology-fueled perk, it also comes with a useful third rack for extra-large piles of dirty dishes. Plus, you can have each rack targeted to clean certain types of dishes or cookware even in the same cycle.

SHOP NOW: Sears, $630

Whirlpool Smart All-In-One Washer and Dryer

Courtesy of Whirlpool

The laundry wouldn't be so annoying to do if it weren't so… annoying to do. There are just too many steps! If only there were a machine that washed and dried clothes itself without the need for a transfer. Enter the Whirlpool Smart All-in-One Washer and Dryer. It does the entire cycle on its own, and you can load up to 20 loads' worth of detergent and fabric softener at a time. Using the Whirlpool App, you can keep track of progress from anywhere you're connected.

SHOP NOW: Whirlpool, $1,700

SpinX Toilet Cleaning Robot

There probably isn't a household item that people dislike cleaning more than the toilet. That's understandable, but it's not something you can simply ignore. That's why we're excited for the SpinX Toilet Cleaning Robot, which is set to be released this year and is available for pre-order now. The SpinX cleans your toilet for you and the brush is self-cleaning, too. With up to 50 cleaning cycles per battery, the SpinX promises a sparkling toilet with almost no human involvement whatsoever.

SHOP NOW: SpinX, $219

Albohes Z5 Robotic Window Cleaner

Courtesy of ALBOHES

Cleaning the inside of your windows is doable, if not a bit time consuming-but what about the outside pane? There's a reason the pros use ladders and long squeegees and harnesses. It's really difficult! Not anymore, however. The Albohes Z5 is a window-cleaning robot, utilizing German technology to suction to your windows without the risk of falling. You can set it to three different cleaning routes, and the soft cloths that come with the Z5 promise a scratch-free clean. Finally, you can truly enjoy that view with clean glass on both sides of your windows.


AirMega 300 Air Purifier

Courtesy of Target

You can do all the dusting, vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing, and shining you want-but the one thing you can't quite clean on your own is the air around you. That's what an air purifier is for, and the AirMega 300 will ensure that you and your family are breathing in the best quality air, well, a breeze. The AirMega automatically detects when things have gone a bit awry in your atmosphere, and revs up on its own until the air quality returns to acceptable. You can also control the unit, set schedules, and more from your smartphone.

SHOP NOW: Target, $455