Fun & Funky Wedding Gifts for Kid-At-Heart Couples

Fun & Funky Wedding Gifts for Kid-At-Heart Couples

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Just because you're getting married doesn't mean you need to abandon your inner Peter Pan. Not that growing up is a bad thing, of course-but embracing your inner child is sure to keep your life and marriage fun, young, and exciting. If you and your soon-to-be spouse are kids at heart, be sure to add these fun and funky items to your registry.

Regret not paying attention during music lessons as a kid? No worries-Fender Play has got you covered. Add a subscription to this service to your wish list and you'll be playing guitar in no time. Using a unique micro-learning strategy, it follows a “Hear It, Learn It, Play It” approach from qualified, expert instructors via high-quality video. Now you can rock out in real life, and not just on Guitar Hero (or, you can do both!).

What's better than a gift? Gifts that keep on giving. Thanks to CrateJoy, you can be gifted monthly subscriptions that give you all the nostalgia feels. For Disney lovers, consider Mickey Monthly, which will deliver authentic Disney items, snacks, souvenirs, and pins, as well as theme park exclusives. Another option, GeekGear, ships worldwide from the U.K. and is a must for Harry PotterВ fans, providing officially-licensed merchandise surprises monthly.

Strategic players and sore losers can all gather around the table to play this seriously upgraded version of Monopoly. The Monopoly Luxury Edition from Pottery Barn is nestled within a solid-wood cabinet with a recessed faux-leather rolling area (no more rogue dice!) and beautiful storage drawers that have a zinc die-cast pull to keep everything nestled away in style. Even the individual game pieces are upgraded, made of zinc alloy.

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

If you were the reigning beer pong champ in college and aren't quite ready to give up your title, you don't have to. Studio Mercantile's 24-Piece Mini Wood Beer Pong Game is way more visually appealing than an old, sticky folding table littered with red Solo cups. Its portable streamlined wooden board, 25 mini cups, two balls, and storage bag allow you to bring the (adult-ified) party with you, wherever you go.

Courtesy of Macy's

Adding art to your home space is a very grown-up thing to do, but you can still embrace nostalgia with some throwback pieces that pay homage to the '90s. Pieces like this Console Evolution Print or the Right Stuff Print from Society 6 are excellent additions.

Who didn't love Lite Brite? Now you can conquer trendy home decor and embrace your love of creating light-up messages with a Mini LED Cinema Light Box, available on Amazon. Swap sweet messages with your love, decorate for the holidays or display your favorite quote with these message boxes that are powered by either USB or battery.

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

If you're a real kid at heart, you probably already have a preferred gaming system, but if not, or if you're looking for an upgrade, Sony's Playstation 4 System has all you could dream of. Sure, you can be a kid and play all the video games, but it also offers utility for “adulting,” as within its sleek and slim design it also has a Blu-Ray player, and it lets you stream video too.

Lovers of lava lamps and colorful nightlights, rejoice! Thanks to the innovations of Nanoleaf and its smart-light panels, the Nanoleaf Rhythm vision and sound collide to create what is considered “music visualization.” Essentially, the music you listen to turns into colorful displays of changing light. Plugging into any existing Nanoleaf Light Panels, you can create custom scenes using your app, activate them with a system like Siri an Amazon's Alexa, and sit back and enjoy. They're sure to be a party hit and will create the ultimate fun in-home experience.