Everything We Know About Jennifer Lawrence's Rhode Island Wedding

Everything We Know About Jennifer Lawrence's Rhode Island Wedding

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Jennifer Lawrence and her fiancГ© Cooke Maroney have officially tied the knot! The nuptials brought a swarm of celebrities to the seaside town of Newport, Rhode Island for a weekend full of wedding festivities. From their haunted wedding venue to the late-night snacks they served, here is everything we know about the couple's October 19th wedding.

The Venue

Lawrence and Maroney chose Belcourt of Newport, a historic mansion in Newport, Rhode Island, for the wedding. Now owned by Alex and Ani founder Carolyn Rafaelian, the home actually has a haunted history. Still, the grand mansion nestled in the seaside town is a perfect place for a mid-October 'I do.'

The Rehearsal Dinner

On Friday, famous friends and family of the couple gathered for a clambake on Rose Island, an 18.5-acre island off the coast of Newport. People confirmed 140 guests took boats to the island venue where dinner was served under an enormous white tent.

The Dress

While we have yet to see a photo of her wedding dress, the actress reportedly chose French label Dior for her walk down the aisle. Lawrence is the face of several campaigns for the brand and has often worn their designs on the red carpet. Photos obtained by the Daily Mail showed Lawrence leaving the wedding venue wearing a long sleeve beaded gown, although we aren't sure if she opted for a second look for the reception.

The Guest List

Dozens of A-listers were seen in Newport this weekend to watch the Oscar-winning actress wed her art dealer beau. Kris Jenner arrived with boyfriend Corey Gamble wearing a long sleeve black gown with a jeweled bodice. Fellow actress Emma Stone was also spotted arriving at the venue in a grey velvet dress and matching coat. Amy Schumer, Sienna Miller, Ashley Olsen, Nicole Richie and Adele were also there to witness Lawrence's 'I do's' and Bradley Cooper was rumored to be there as well.

The Menu

After hosting a clambake for guests on Friday evening, Lawrence and Maroney served an abundant fall harvest during their reception. According to People, rows of squash and carrots were spread on large tables and smoked fish and beef were cooked on open fire spits. Around 11 p.m., Boston's Baddest Burger and Sandwich CompanyВ food truck parked on the mansion grounds to serve guests late-night bites.

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