Meghan Markle Got Her Wedding Makeup Ideas From a Very Relatable Source

Meghan Markle Got Her Wedding Makeup Ideas From a Very Relatable Source

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When we look back at the royal wedding decades from now, one of the things we'll still be obsessing over is Meghan Markle's wedding makeup. Instead of aiming for super intense, fully glammed-out coverage, Markle chose to enhance her features in a simple, classic way with a more natural look. She decided on a light sweep of brown eye shadow, a shimmery glow on her cheeks, and, most importantly, barely-there foundation that let her signature freckles beam through.

It might seem like she spent hours completing fancy makeup trials and scouring royal lookbooks before landing on her final stunning style, but it turns out that's not the case at all. Daniel Martin, the make-up artist who got her ready on the big day, revealed on the beauty podcastВ @Gloss_Angeles this week that the whole process was pretty low-key, and that they achieved her look with the help of a very relatable source: Pinterest.

"I didn't have a makeup trial with her because we just couldn't make the time," he said. "I know what she liked and what she didn't like, and then we exchanged Pinterest pictures over text."

He added that for any bride thinking about make-up and pre-wedding trials, Pinterest is incredible tool to use as a reference. "For a bride, that's their red carpet moment, and I feel like you can't stray too far from who you want to be and who you are, because the last thing you want to do is look at these pictures and be like, 'I wasn't comfortable looking like that.'"

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Martin also shared that he and Markle had been working together for 10 years when she asked him to do her wedding makeup. They met after her show Suits got picked up and they formed a quick friendship. They're so close, in fact, that Martin previously told Good Morning America that Markle asked him to be a part of her special day in the most laid-back way imaginable: with bride and groom emojis.