How to Create an Eco-Friendly Wedding Registry

How to Create an Eco-Friendly Wedding Registry

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There are lots of ways to create an eco-friendly wedding-choose your dress, rings, and favors correctly and you could drastically decrease the carbon footprint of your wedding. But if you want that sustainably minded lifestyle to last long after you say "I do," you should consider creating an eco-friendly wedding registry, too.

The pros are clear: You'll make it easier for you and your future spouse to live sustainably (because these registry items will furnish your new life together); the guests who buy you wedding presents could be inspired by your environmentally-conscious approach; and you'll be helping the environment.

"With sustainability and environmental awareness at an all-time high, more and more people-and engaged couples-want to do their part to help save the planet," says Lizzy Ellingson, co-founder and chief creative officer at Blueprint Registry. "A wedding registry is a great way to get friends and family involved in the movement, and help you decrease your carbon footprint in one fell swoop."

Ready to call yourselves a bonafide eco-conscious couple? Here are all the sustainable gifts you should add to your eco-friendly wedding registry.

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For the Kitchen

If you want to sip your favorite drinks without the guilt-or host an epic cocktail party without waste-register for a few packs of stainless steel straws. Tea lovers who want to cut down on paper waste (tea bags and tags) should register for a tea bag-shaped tea infuser.

Don't want to use paper cupcake liners but not interested in cleaning up crumb-filled muffin tins? Try silicone baking cups that you can use over and over again. Unpaper towels are plain and durable enough to clean up after all your baking projects, but can be thrown into the washer and reused countless times.

Want some greenery on your windowsill-and in your food as well? Grow your own basil, parsley, or thyme with steel herb pots that will be a beautiful addition to your counter. Like gardening, composting might sound like an outdoor activity, but with an easy-to-clean compost bin that blends seamlessly with your kitchen's aesthetic, you can dispose of all your biodegradable waste from the comfort of your home.

Koffie Reusable Straw

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Be responsible and invest in (a few) straws that will replace those horribly wasteful plastic straws! These silicone straws are inexpensive and are dishwasher safe (but also come with their own brush).

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $12.95

Reusable Keurig Pods

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Yes, all of those pods you use for your coffee are environmentally damaging, so get these (super easy to use) reusable filters, ASAP.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $11.97

Bamboozle Food Composter

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

You guessed it, it's called Bamboozle because of an eco-friendly bamboo powder, and is BPA free, non-toxic, and approved by the FDA. Composting is a thing you can get on board with, even if you live in a city!

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $38.99

Stasher Reusable Bags

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Gone are the days of buying plastic sandwich and storage bags in bulk. These silicone bags are non-toxic, dishwasher and microwave safe, and self-sealing.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $11.99

For the Bedroom

How will you sleep at night knowing that there are so many things humans can do to decrease their carbon footprint? Hopefully on an eco-friendly bed with a sustainably-sourced wood frame. Make that bed with cozy, eco-friendly bedding made of bamboo fibers, which make it breathable and hypoallergenic.

If you've been thinking about adding some color to your room, select a non-toxic, zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint. It'll be better for your home and for the environment.

Area rugs can also add pops of color and personality to your space. This is another opportunity to choose with the environment in mind. You can find stunning organic area rugs made out of materials like sisal and hemp.

To keep your room fresh, don't reach for the aerosol can first. Instead, try out an essential oil diffuser. These natural scents rely on water vapor instead of aerosol to spread fresh, natural scents around the space.

Bamboo Sheets

Photo Courtesy of Loomstead

Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly and renewable resources on earth, and these sheets are so smooth and soft we almost mistook them for silk! On top of that, these bamboo sheets don't pill and will last for years and years, cutting down on unnecessary purchases.

SHOP NOW: Loomstead, starting at $139

Crystal Cove Mattress

Photo Courtesy of Brentwood Home

This mattress is Greenguard Gold certified (which is no joke-it means it's been "scientifically tested in environmental chambers to meet some of the world's most rigorous, third-party emissions standards for prolonged chemical exposure and pollutants"), and certified vegan. On top of that, it has the unique feature of having dual sides; one side activated charcoal-infused memory foam and the other side 100% natural dunlop latex. Both sides are excellent for pressure relief, but one side is firmer (the latex) and the other is better for active recovery (the memory foam). You can just flip the mattress over depending on how you're feeling!

SHOP NOW: Brentwood Home, starting at $895

Serene House Essential Oil Diffuser

Photo Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Want your home to smell good without having to spray a bunch of chemicals in the air? Diffusers are much better for the environment than your run-of-the-mill aerosol and, with the help of some lavender oil, it'll help you rest and relax after a long day. Plus, this one is super chic and under $30.

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, $25

For the Rest of Your Life

Cutting energy use is one major way we can all cut down on our carbon footprint-even those of us who have explored alternative energy sources, like tax break-earning solar panels on your roof. But another great way to lessen our strain on the environment is to cut down on our use of major appliances, and we can start in the laundry room. Register for a drying rack with enough space to air-dry your and your spouse's delicates instead of setting them to spin for hours on cool.

We're big fans of consuming more water-it's good for your skin, your hair, and your overall well-being. That said, going through paper cups or plastic bottles in droves isn't good for the environment. Instead, carry a stylish water bottle with you. You'll be taking care of yourself and the Earth at the same time.

Since we're already on the topic of wellness, have you ever considered ditching the traditional commute and riding a bike to work? Of course, this isn't ideal for many people, but if you're close enough to the office and you've been looking for a new form of exercise, register for a bike. Fit and sustainable.

Barcelona Foldable Bike

Photo Courtesy of Citizen Bike

What's more eco-friendly than choosing a bike as your chosen form of transport? How about a foldable bike so you can get on the subway if need be? Ok maybe not actually more eco-friendly, but we do love a folding bike nonetheless.

SHOP NOW: Citizen Bike, $499

Cloud Loom Towels

Photo Courtesy of Coyuchi

Coyuchi is one of our favorite companies for sustainably made, eco-friendly products. They adhere to strict manufacturing and processes such as GOTS and Fair Trade USA standards, and have a commitment to organically sourced materials. These towels are some of our favorites ever, and do actually feel cloud-like!

SHOP NOW: Coyuchi, starting at $18

Suspended Drying Rack

Photo Courtesy of Etsy

Utilizing a drying rack is not only a big way to save energy (vs. throwing everything in your dryer), but can be a lot kinder to your garments, as well. This means longer lives and more wear out of all of your clothes, hence cutting down on unnecessary purchases which also contributes to being sustainable. (Reduce, reuse, recycle!). This cool version is suspended close to the ceiling where warm air is trapped for quicker drying times. Plus, it doesn't take up floor space for small-space dwellers.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $230

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