5 Photo Editing Apps That Will Transform Your Wedding Instagrams

5 Photo Editing Apps That Will Transform Your Wedding Instagrams

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In the era of the wedding hashtag, many brides want to make sure that their social media photos look just as beautiful and polished as the ones they're getting from their wedding photographer. Well, there's an app (or rather, many apps) for that. Below, we picked our top five photo editing tools that can turn your personal photos into professional quality ones-all with just a few clicks!


A favorite among professional photographers, VSCOCam's preset filters give your photos a richness that mimics the look of film. The filters offer a gamut of effects, from moody and vintage to bright and saturated, and each filter can be fine-tuned to achieve an exact level of intensity. It even has a few different options for black-and-white so you can turn that iPhone selfie into a classic portrait.


This app boasts 59 different types of filters for your photos, but where it really stands out is its collection of textures and frames. The different "light leak" textures are great for achieving the look of dreamy romantic photos and give the effect of a natural lens flare. The extensive library of frames also allows you to present your photo in a variety of ways, from silhouettes and shapes to script and letters.

PS Express

Straight from the pros, PS Express is the mobile editing app from Adobe Photoshop. Like the powerhouse computer tool your photographer uses to edit professional photos, this app lets you adjust clarity, sharpness, contrast, highlights, shadows, temperature, noise, and vibrancy. The app also includes red eye correction in humans and pets as well as offering easy blemish removal. The best feature, however, is the auto-enhance, which brightens skin, adjusts lighting, contrast, and color all with one tap.


This app doesn't come with any filters, but it's indispensable for getting the perfect shot. SKRWT allows users to adjust perspective and fix lens distortions on their photos. In other words, if you ever notice that lines (of buildings, tables, walls, etc.) in your picture don't look straight in relation to your image plane, the app can adjust that from all angles.


Like many other editing apps, Camera+ comes with a suite of filters that allow you to achieve a variety of looks, but what makes this app stand out is it's shooting mode. In addition to the ability to control focus and exposure, this versatile app also has a stabilizer to help achieve the sharpest images, and can turn your flash into a flashlight so you can get the best lighting without effects like red eye or haze. Best of all, the camera app comes with a built-in grid, so your shots of the tabletop can be perfectly straight and composed.


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