The Best Engagement Photo Shoot Locations

The Best Engagement Photo Shoot Locations

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In a place that's as iconic as Washington D.C., it's hard to get a shot that doesn't scream tourist (can we say National Monument backdrop, anyone?). Even though kitsch is fun for a photo or two, we can bet you want something a little more personalized for your big engagement photoshoot. To get photos that are as unique as you and your fiancГ©, head to one of these slightly less chartered destinations right in the heart of the city.

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The National Cathedral

The working cathedral (whose full name is the Cathedral Church of Saint peter and Saint Paul in the City and Diocese of Washington) closely models other soaring structures built in the Neo-Gothic style with two towers decorated with multiple spires and protective gargoyles. Even though shots in the front of the cathedral and around its manicured gardens are popular, the best views (and photo opportunities) come from the top of the bell towers, which offer sweeping vistas of the tree speckled skyline of Wisconsin Ave.

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