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19 Dreamy, Sleep-Inducing Products for Extra Exhausted Brides

19 Dreamy, Sleep-Inducing Products for Extra Exhausted Brides

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Helix Mattress

Courtesy of Helix

Let's start with the basics: You need a good mattress to get sufficient sleep, and mattress brand Helix ensures that for both you and your partner. With the Helix Dual Comfort Option, both you and your partner can customize your respective sides of the mattress to your individual wants and needs.

SHOP NOW: Helix, prices vary

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This Works Deep Sleep Breathe In Rollerball

Courtesy of Anthropologie

This rollerball is packed with a trifecta of sleep-inducing ingredients: lavender oil, chamomile oil, patchouli oil. Apply to pulse points and breathe deeply to help you wind down after a long day.

SHOP NOW: Anthropologie, $33

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Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Courtesy of Sephora

Sure, Sunday Riley's renowned sleeping night oil has a retinol formula to smooth skin and boost radiance while you slumber, but with blue tansy and German chamomile essential oils, it will also support restful nights.

SHOP NOW: Sephora, $105

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Belif Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask

Courtesy of Sephora

Think of this mask as a blanket for your face, locking in moisture to bring dull, dehydrated skin to the next level of radiance.

SHOP NOW: Sephora, $34

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Tata Harper Aromatic Bedtime Treatment

Courtesy of Nordstrom

It's already well-known that Tata Harper products are the key to glowing, wedding-ready skin. But who knew that they were also the key to a restful slumber? Simply dab this soothing, calming fragrance (made with 100 percent natural ingredients, of course) onto pulse points, rub into palms, and inhale deeply. You'll feel instantly relaxed and ready to drift off to sleep.

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $60

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Cosabella Bella Short Sleeve Boxer PJ Set

Courtesy of Cosabella

This jammie set is made of soft jersey, so it's super snuggly and breathable. The short-sleeved top is embellished with contrasting piping and cute little buttons, while the coordinating shorts feature a drawstring waist for maximum comfort.

SHOP NOW: Shopbop, $115

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Bath & Body Works Lavender & Vanilla Pillow Mist

Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

Scent is a powerful tool. And there's nothing quite like the calming fragrance of lavender and vanilla to get you in the mood for bed. Spritz this mist over pillows and breathe deeply to encourage a peaceful slumber.

SHOP NOW: Bath & Body Works, $14

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Olly Restful Sleep Vitamin Gummies

Courtesy of Target

Thanks to a powerful yet gentle blend of melatonin, L-theanine, and natural herbs like chamomile, lemon balm, and passionflower, these vitamin gummies will help you drift off to sleep. Take two about 30 minutes before bed and you'll be in dreamland in no time.

SHOP NOW: Target, $14

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This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Make a relaxing soak a part of your nighttime routine. Blended with lavender and vetiver, this bath soak can help relieve stress and anxiety, getting you ready for bed.

SHOP NOW: Anthropologie, $41

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Shhh Silk White Marble Silk Pillowcases

Courtesy of Shhh Silk

Not only is a mulberry silk pillowcase an elegant addition to any boudoir, it's also a beauty sleep staple-great for crease-free skin and smooth strands. A-listers like Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen are fans of this Aussie-based brand.

SHOP NOW: AHA Life, $180

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YNM Weighted Blanket

Courtesy of Amazon

A weighted blanket can ease anxiety when you're struggling to sleep. The comfortable pressure will help you feel snug and relaxed.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, starting at $88 for a queen

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Fitbit Alta HR

Courtesy of Fitbit

This wearable gadget tracks the quality of z's (based on duration and sleep stages) and delivers detailed intel the next morning. And the silent alarm is a tranquil way to wake up. Bonus: It also monitors daytime activity and exercise.

SHOP NOW: Fitbit, $130

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Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Using a diffuser is a wonderful way to create an evening ritual. Try adding lavender and frankincense essential oils one hour before bed, then shutting the door. When you're ready to turn in, your room will be filled with a grounding, soothing aroma.

SHOP NOW: Anthropologie, $119

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Moon Juice Dream Dust

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Before bed, stir this ingestible powder into any hot or cold beverage. With a blend of herbs that includes chamomile flower, jujube seeds, and ashwagandha root, it will reduce stress and anxiety and promote a deeper sleep.

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, $35

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Lectro Fan High Fidelity White Noise Machine


Whether you're seeking a way to drown out car horns or a melodic alternative to silence, a white noise machine is the way to go. This device wins praise among light snoozers and city dwellers alike for its 20 sound variations. With precision volume control, you can adjust it to the perfect level.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $50

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Slip Mrs. Slipsilk Pure Silk Sleep Mask

Courtesy of Shopbop

Experts agree that blocking light is essential for restful winks. Don't have blackout shades? No problem! This luxurious eye mask is the next best thing. It's crafted from pure silk, has a comfortable elastic band, and even flaunts “Mrs” embroidery.

SHOP NOW: Shopbop, $50

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Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation

Courtesy of Amazon

The most unpleasant sound in the world might just be your alarm in the morning. Do away with the jarring buzz and instead start your mornings with this alarm clock that'll gently wake you up with a faux sunrise. The result is a more restful sleep and a more effective way of waking up.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $39

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The Good Patch Nite Nite Patch

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Forget counting sheep: Simply slap on one of these babies-infused with melatonin-to start drifting off.

SHOP NOW: Anthropologie, $12

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Lush Sleepy Body Lotion

Courtesy of Amazon

Add this glorious lotion to your nightly skin-care routine. Glycerin, cocoa butter, and almond oil will moisturize your skin, while the comforting lavender and tonka scent will help you wind down after a long day of wedding planning.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $43