How To Turn Frames Into Escort Cards and Displays for Your Wedding

How To Turn Frames Into Escort Cards and Displays for Your Wedding

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Freestanding Seating Display

Photo by Charla Story Photography

At this couple's al fresco wedding reception, guests could locate their dinner table by perusing a large display. Sheets of deckle-edge paper were calligraphed with guests' names and assigned table number; each sheet was framed and decorated with lush-green smilax vines.

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Mix-and-Match Picture Frames

Photo by Carmen Santorelli Photography

This is an easy and elegant DIY idea: Group guests by their tables and print out each seating list; collect a handful of picture frames and display them on a table during cocktail hour for guests to browse. Ask your florist to decorate the table with a handful of simple bud vases filled with fresh greenery and blooms.

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Oversize Frame

Photo by Kayla Barker

Individual escort cards were pinned to a framed, linen-covered corkboard and displayed on the porch during the outdoor cocktail hour.

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Miniature Frames

Photo by Jack and Tina Fussell

Tiny mismatched frames serve double-duty as escort cards and as take-home favors. Each frame featured a corkboard insert pinned with guests' seating assignment.

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Framed Ferns

Photo by Jose Villa

If your wedding has a botanical or woodland feel, we love this escort-card idea. Affix various pressed ferns and greenery on cards that have been calligraphed with guests' names and table numbers; display the escort cards in individual metallic frames alongside arrangements of fresh greenery.

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Framed Family Photos

Photo by The Style Salon

We love how this couple framed the reception-seating details alongside photos of family members on their wedding day. Using monochromatic frames in the same shade of grey keeps the overall look cohesive and consistent.

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Painted Picture Frames

Photo by Jane Beadnell Photography

For a more whimsical, vintage-inspired look, opt for mix-and-match frames that you can paint in bright colors to complement your wedding palette; display the frames on a panel of weathered wainscoting alongside fresh greenery and blooms.

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Miniature Copper Frames

Courtesy of Jose Villa

Copper picture frames containing seating information were hung from nails on a wood-paneled board-the overall look is perfectly elegant yet rustic.