Nail Holiday Hosting With These Essentials from Parachute

Nail Holiday Hosting With These Essentials from Parachute

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Fouta Stripe Towels

Courtesy of Parachute Home

First things first: the guest bathroom. Making sure your overnight guests have everything they need on hand for a pleasant stay begins with a full set of luxurious bath towels. And we love nothing more than a fresh set of warm Mediterranean-inspired fouta bath linens!

SHOP NOW: Parachute, $9-$114

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Fouta Stripe Bathrobe

Courtesy of Parachute Home

And continue to step up your hosting game with matching robes perfect for snuggling up in.

SHOP NOW: Parachute, $99

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Linen Venice Set

Courtesy of Parachute Home

Next up: the guest bedroom. Have the bed made up with the coziest set possible-the washed linen is ultrasoft and breathable so your guests will stay cool all night long. Plus, they're just really, really good looking.

SHOP NOW: Parachute, $419-$459 (included: fitted sheet, duvet cover, 2 standard pillowcases)

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Linen Mist

Courtesy of Parachute Home

Give the pillows and sheets a spritz before your guests arrive and leave the bottle on the bedside table for nighttime use. Their slumber will be oh-so-tranquil.

SHOP NOW: Parachute, $19

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Windowpane Alpaca Throw

Courtesy of Parachute Home

The ultimate in soft and fluffy, this blanket is perfect for taking from couch to bed, or curling up in front of a fire while having a nightcap. Your guest's toes will thank you.

SHOP NOW: Parachute, $249

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Linen Napkins

Courtesy of Parachute Home

And since the dining table will probably be the centerpiece of your home while hosting, make sure it's set in style. Start with a chic napkin at each place setting to tie the look together.

SHOP NOW: Parachute, $29 for 2

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Washed Linen Tablecloth

Courtesy of Parachute Home

We love the moody jewel tones of Parachute's linen tablecloths. The linen is perfect both for a casual, al fresco dinner and a dressed-up holiday meal-the decorative corded edges add a touch of elegance for special gatherings.

SHOP NOW: Parachute, $129

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Washed Linen Table Runner

Courtesy of Parachute Home

Either layer on top of your tablecloth for a more dynamic look, or keep your tablescape more minimal by using a table runner on its own. Add candles and bud vases and you're set!

SHOP NOW: Parachute, $49

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Striped Kitchen Towels

Courtesy of Parachute Home

Don't forget about the kitchen itself-some of the best times with friends and family are getting down and dirty cooking together. Make sure your kitchenware is up to snuff with these pretty and durable Turkish cotton kitchen towels.

SHOP NOW: Parachute, $19 for 2