15 Ways to Make Your Wedding Stand Out During Wedding Season

15 Ways to Make Your Wedding Stand Out During Wedding Season

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Embrace a seasonal setting

Photo by Patricia Lyons Photography

There's something special about a setting that evokes summer memories, which is why it's smart to first consider the season when selecting your wedding venue. With this idea in mind, think about what evokes summer memories for you and your partner. If it's the pool, consider a pool setting like the one above. If it's a favorite vacation spot, think about a destination wedding there. And if it's summer camp, consider a group getaway at a summer camp, bunk beds and all.

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Create a memorable environment

Photo by Rebecca Yale

After you choose the spot for your ceremony and reception, remember the time of year and make sure everything is in some way shaded-especially if the event will be taking place before sunset. We love this table set up because it lets the location shine, while also providing a comfortable, shaded environment for everyone at one table. And that installation up above? How could you not remember that?!

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Consider comfortable seating

В Photo by Yvette Roman PhotographyВ

If your guests are comfortable, they'll likely be more present in the moment. The easiest way to ensure comfortable guests-at both the ceremony and reception-is to give them a nice place to sit and rest in those heels. We particularly love this set up by Alison Events because their team took comfortable seating to the next level with picnic tables (hello, more summer vibes!), individual throw pillows, and lounge-style sofas in the dinner area.

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Involve your guests in the ceremony

В Photo by Monica Leggio

Make your guests really feel part of the day but involving them in the ceremony. You can take many approaches to this idea and make it your own, but we have a few thoughts to get you started. First, you can make like this bride and groom, who asked guests to read their intentions, or goals for the couple, aloud before the vow exchange. Or you can take after the ceremony shown here, where the couple had their wedding party pass their wedding bands in a circle before handing them over for the big exchange. Other ideas we love? A group call-and-response reading (from a favorite book, poem, or song) and a group sing-a-long of a fitting or meaningful tune. In all cases, you'd inform guests of their involvement and print any needed materials on the ceremony program.

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Have an interactive moment

В Photo by Anna Marks Photography

Take the idea above and translate it for the reception. A great way to accomplish this is to set up a special display where guests can actually do something. This can be as simple as serving their own drink from a pre-made batch cocktail or something crazy cool, like making their own G&T from an ice luge. If alcohol isn't your thing (and even if it is!), think about hiring a tarot reader, illustrator, or cigar roller to further the guest involvement.

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Give fun (and festive!) favors

Photo by A. Ortiz

This is another idea that takes the weather into account. Hats-especially cute ones, like these panama hats-are a fun favor because your guests can utilize them at the wedding. We recommend handing these out before cocktail hour so guests can put them on, pose for photos, and shade themselves from the sun.

We found a cute (and affordable!) panama hat option on Amazon to pull off this look!

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Serve refreshing drinks

Photo by Jana Williams Photography; Design by RO & Co. Events

As with any party, the food and drinks are essential elements to everyone having a good time. We suggest starting before the ceremony with drinks-think bubbly in flutes or even tea and lemonade in pretty dispensers-at the entrance so guests can sip throughout your vows (and toast at the end!). That said, if you do decide to wait until cocktail hour, make a display of it and serve something festive like these coconut water treat.

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Hire a mobile rosГ© trailer

Photo by Braedon Flynn; Planning by Alison & Bryan; Bar by The Bubble Tap Trailer

Hello, summer water. An unlimited, self-serve rosГ© station is must at any summer wedding.

See our roundup of rent-able mobile bars around the country here!

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Get creative with the apps

Photo by Heather Waraksa

It's a fact that everyone loves tiny versions of their favorite foods. So serve just that-but in a creative way, with unique flavor twists and an unexpected presentation. Case in point: These mini tacos served atop cut lime slices. For more ideas, head here for some of our favorite appetizer pairings.

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Pair popsicles and Prosecco

Photo by Christy Wilson Photography

Add a popsicle to each glass of Prosecco, and you have a cool summer cocktail. Freeze edible flowers inside the clear pops to make them (even more) picture-perfect and ready for a Boomerang moment.

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Play games

Photo by Pablo Beglez

Games can be great icebreakers for friends, family, and co workers just meeting each other. We love this concept of a wheel-of-fun, in which guests take turns on the wheel, spin it, and then do whatever it lands on. As you can see, some expressions are to "hug a stranger" and "pick a couple to kiss!"

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Make the first dance a moment

В Photo by Mike Larson

The first dance is a chance for you and your partner to shine together-and a chance for everyone else to document the sweet moment on social media. Of course, you can make this tradition unique by choosing a special song or practicing a choreographed dance, but we also love the idea of making it a "moment" visually with floral mandala on the dance floor. To execute this idea, you just stand in the middle of a colorful design of blooms-this one was planned by Bash Please and executed by Marigold-then dance away. There's no need to worry about the petals once you've taken the first swing!

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Provide party-ready props

Guests of all ages will love a prop on the sure-to-be-raging dance floor. And while all props are fun-think glow sticks, funny hats, etc.-we especially love the idea of these pretty, personalized tambourines. For more personalized wedding favor and prop ideas, head here!

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Play up the after-party

В Photo by Jenn Emerling Weddings

This may seem obvious, but keep the party going after the last song with an after party. It's fun to change spaces for this final hoorah if you can, and we especially love when couples treat it as yet another moment to play up their love story. A few ideas? Incorporate go-to late-night bites, put favorite throwback tunes on the playlist, or even recreate the decor in your neighborhood dive bar as this couple did.

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Enjoy yourself!

Photo by Within This Day

If you're having the time of your life, everyone will remember you with a smile on your face. We'd say that's the ultimate sign of a wedding to remember!


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