Engagement Rings with Twist Shanks

Engagement Rings with Twist Shanks

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David Yurman Wisteria Ring

Courtesy of David Yurman

Style WR1055CPL, "Wisteria" double platinum band engagement ring with pavГ© diamonds and cushion-cut center stone, price upon request, David Yurman

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Kirk Kara Priouetta Ring

Courtesy of Kirk Kara

Style K199R, Pirouetta white gold split-shank engagement ring with a 1.5 carat round-cut center stone, peek-a-boo diamonds, and signature filigree, $2,880, Kirk Kara

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Norman Silverman Cushion-cut Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Norman Silverman Diamonds

Cushion-cut diamond engagement ring with braided pavГ© diamonds set in 18K white gold, $5,300, Norman Silverman Diamonds

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Mark Schneider "Surge" Platinum ring

Courtesy of Greenwich Jewelers

Style 130-01674, "Surge" platinum engagement ring with double-band design, pavГ© diamonds, and round center stone, $2,360, Mark Schneider available at Greenwich Jewelers

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Danov Platinum Ring

Courtesy of Danhov

Style ZE109, handcrafted double-twisted shank platinum engagement ring, $1,760 without center stone, Danhov

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Zales Vera Wang diamond frame ring

Courtesy of Zales

Style 18627331, one-carat diamond frame engagement ring in 14K white gold, $3,699, Vera Wang LOVE available at Zales

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Ritani White Gold Ring with Round Center Stone

Courtesy of Greenwich Jewelers

Style 130-02325, 18K white gold engagement ring with round center stone and twisted diamond band, $1,470, Ritani available at Greenwich Jewelers

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David Yurman "Crossover PavГ©" Round-Cut Ring

Courtesy of David Yurman

Style WR1039RPL, "Crossover PavГ©" round-cut diamond engagement ring with twin pavГ© platinum bands, price upon request, David Yurman

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JudeFrances White Gold and Twisted PavГ© Diamond Band

Courtesy of Greenwich Jewelers

Style 130-01520, 18K white gold engagement ring with twisted pavГ© diamond band, $3,850, JudeFrances available at Greenwich Jewelers

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Kwiat "Fidelity" Platinum Ring with Solitaire Diamond

Courtesy of Kwiat

"Fidelity" platinum engagement ring with round brilliant solitaire diamond and pavГ© diamonds, price upon request, Kwiat


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