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Starry Wedding Dresses That Are Out of This World

Starry Wedding Dresses That Are Out of This World

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Jenny Packham Jolene Wedding Dress With Stars

SHOP NOW: Jenny Packham, price upon request

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For Love & Lemons Cosmic Tiered Lace Dress With Embroidered Stars

Courtesy of For Love & Lemons

SHOP NOW: Shopbop, $285

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Hayley Paige Lumi Wedding Dress

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $5,345

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Alexandra Grecco Luna Star Cape

SHOP NOW: Alexandra Grecco, price upon request

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Jaclyn Jordan Edith Wedding Gown

Carrie King Photography; Courtesy of Jaclyn Jordan NYC

SHOP NOW: Flutter Bridal Boutique, $2,970

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Needle & Thread Celestial Embellished Tulle Gown

SHOP NOW: Net-a-porter, $445

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Alexandra Grecco Celeste Embroidered Wedding Dress

SHOP NOW: Alexandra Grecco, price upon request

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Natalie Wynn Bridal Starstruck Long-Sleeved Wedding Dress

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $1,400

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Red Valentino LamГ© Star Wrap Dress

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $1,195

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Cucculelli Shaheen Constellations Dress With Custom Coordinates

SHOP NOW: Cucculelli Shaheen, price upon request

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ASOS True Decadence Petite Wrap Front Frill Maxi Dress In Metallic Star Print


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Savannah Miller Edith Dress With Star Capelet

SHOP NOW: Savannah Miller, price upon request