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11 Ways to Style Your Wedding Party

11 Ways to Style Your Wedding Party

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Complement Your Venue

Matt Waugh

These Show Me Your Mumu bridesmaid dresses draw inspiration from vintage Hawaiian bark cloth prints. Fun and playful, they're ideal for a tropical wedding.

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Go for Color

Garrett Richardson for Clove & Kin

Salmon-hued suspenders add a pop of color to neutral groomsmen outfits.

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Try Ethereal Lace

Melissa Fuller Photography

Break from tradition and have your girls wear white lace for a dreamy look.

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Dress in Earthy Tones

Arden Prucha Photography

The bridesmaids aren't the only ones who know how to pull off a mismatched look. These groomsmen wore a variety of rustic colors in shades of taupe, brown, and blue.

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Have Fun With Ties

M Three Studio Photography

Mix and match patterned ties to bring out each groomsmen's personality in an otherwise cohesive look.

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Be Creative With Color

Jessi Field Photography

With different colored trousers, these guys take the rainbow look to a whole new level.

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Consider Florals

Big Bouquet Photography

Florals aren't just for girls-they look just as good on the guys as a button-down, especially when paired with a colorful suit.

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Go Classic but Modern

The Happy Bloom

Party on top, business on the bottom: This monochromatic look of black trousers and ivory coats is sharp, classy, and a little bit trendy.

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Don't Forget the Details

Natalie Watson Photography

Diverse patterned linings jazz up beige suit coats, mixing the whimsical with the traditional.

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Include a Hat

Hazelwood Photo

From a perky fedora and charming bow tie to a Duchess Clothier tweed jacket and carmine pants, this mixed tux is pure vintage gold.

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Play with Pops of Color

One Summer Day Photo

A mix of playful bow ties adds flair to contemporary and chic navy and gray suits.


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