10 Wedding Registry Items That'll Simplify Your Morning Routine

10 Wedding Registry Items That'll Simplify Your Morning Routine

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Amazon Echo Spot

Courtesy of Amazon

There are many a smart device out there that can help you with your morning routine, but this one continues to be among our favorites. The screen makes a big difference, especially for those of us who are visual. It doesn't take up much room, and while you're rushing around getting ready you can have it play the news, update you on your schedule for the day, and tell you the weather so you can aptly get dressed.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $129.99

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Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker

Courtesy of Keurig

It's a classic for a reason! We don't all have time to brew a pot of French press during our hectic weekday mornings, so a Keurig helps us get our caffeine fix, quick. Plus, this white matte finish feels modern and sleek.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $129.99

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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Courtesy of Dyson

This cult favorite is compact, lightweight, and dries your hair faster than any dryer we've ever used. But the best part? It de-frizzes and protects your hair from extreme heat damage (thanks to intelligently controlled temperatures) so your hair doesn't end up feeling fried over time. Dyson spent four years of research and development on this puppy, and it shows.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $399

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Burst Rose Gold Toothbrush

Courtesy of Burst

With the longest battery life on the market (up to four weeks of brushing in one charge!), a pretty rose gold color (hey, we're suckers for packaging), and charcoal bristles (meaning: better stain fighting, and naturally antimicrobial), we knew we had to try this toothbrush out. We weren't disappointed! Our teeth and gums feel cleaner, and the two-minute timed setting is especially good to keep you focused and on track for the next stage of your routine.

SHOP NOW: Burst, $99.99

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Cloud Loom Towels

Courtesy of Coyuchi

These towels are, as the name suggests, soft and light as a cloud. They're also super absorbent, and come in tons of sizes. Our favorite size? The bath sheets, which make us feel like we're being hugged by a giant teddy bear. Yes, that may be a weird thing to say but it's true.

SHOP NOW: Coyuchi, $18+

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Coffee Travel Mug

Courtesy of Contigo

We've gone through plenty of travel mugs in our days, but this is the one we always come back to, time and time again. It is absolutely leak-proof, insulates the heck out of your coffee (hot or cold-to the point where we've left it with ice on our desk the night before, came in the next day, and the ice still hadn't melted), and is lightweight for your commute. If you're anything like us, you've had too many spills en route to work to go with anything but the best for your hard-working travel mug!

SHOP NOW: Target, $11.69

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Lake Pima Cotton Pajamas

Courtesy of Lake

We have these PJs, and can totally attest to how soft they are, even after multiple washes (unlike some other brands we've tried). They're light enough to wear to bed, but still keep you warm when you get out of bed in the morning during the winter, which makes going about your morning a little easier (and a lot more comfortable).

SHOP NOW: Lake, $104

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Meal Mug

Courtesy of CorningWare

For breakfast on-the-go, this handy meal mug works like magic. Make your favorite overnight oat recipe the night before, or throw in yogurt and berries or warm oatmeal in it so you aren't wasting any morning time eating your breakfast (save it for once you get to the office!).

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $19.99

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Ninja Personal Blender

Courtesy of Ninja

Let's face it: you don't need that full-sized blender sitting on your counter taking up valuable space when you only use it once in a blue moon. This personal blender is perfect for your morning smoothies and doesn't require choosing a bunch of unnecessary settings.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, starting at $49.99

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Haircare Accessories Holder

Courtesy of West Elm

Is there anything more annoying than a hairdryer with a constantly tangled cord, or a brush stashed away in a drawer that picks up lint and whatever else is in said drawer? This handy holder keeps your hair tools at the ready so you can cut down on detangling your cord and just get straight to business.

SHOP NOW: West Elm, $28