News Flash! Zola Just Launched Wedding Invitation Suites

News Flash! Zola Just Launched Wedding Invitation Suites

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Woads Frame and Franklin Landscape


From bold, graphic florals to modern minimalist line drawings, this collection has it all. Couples can choose between eggshell or smooth paper options as the base for their designs.

SHOP NOW: Woads Suite (left) SHOP NOW: Franklin Suite (right)

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Morrison Rise and Waterfront Fade


These soft designs could work for both an art gallery wedding or a seaside fete. In addition to foil design options for a metallic pop, couples can also choose to accent their invites with gold or silver foil lined envelopes.

SHOP NOW: Morrison Rise Suite (left) SHOP NOW: Waterfront Fade Suite (right)

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Sparrow Bloom


This vintage botanical print (which comes in a range of color-rich hues) is perfect for a summer garden party.

SHOP NOW: Sparrow Bloom Suite

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Eastwick Wreath and Eastwick Vines


We love the subtle elegance of this classic leaf-and-vine motif, reinterpreted for the modern couple.

SHOP NOW: Eastwick Wreath Suite (left) SHOP NOW: Eastwick Vine Suite (right)