According to Her New Single, Jennifer Lopez Is Ready for a Ring

According to Her New Single, Jennifer Lopez Is Ready for a Ring

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Jennifer Lopez is turning up the pressure for boyfriend A-Rod to pop the question, or so it seems based on her new single, a Spanish language banger called “El Anillo.”

Jennifer debuted the song on Thursday night with a performance at the 2018 Billboard Latin Music Awards, with the official video for the song debuting the following morning. And let's just say, this 48-year-old icon isn't being coy about her expectations for her boyfriend of over a year. Let's look at the evidence, shall we?

Exhibit A: “El Anillo,” the name of the song, literally means “The Ring.” Not exactly subtle, right? But let's dig deeper because boy, is there more.

In Spanish, Lopez sings, “Nunca habia sentido algo tan grande/Y me vuelve loca tu lado salvaje/Tu me has dado tanto que he estado pensando/Ya lo tengo todo, pero/¿Y el anillo pa' cuando?” Which, according to Google, translates roughly to, “I have never felt anything so grand/And I'm crazy about your wild side/You've given me so much that I've been thinking/I already have it all, but/When will I get the ring?” To be clear, this is the chorus, and she asks the question about when she's getting that ring 13 times over the course of the song.

In the video for the single, Jennifer doubles down on the message, dressing as a literal queen who is impatiently waiting for her king, played by Miguel Angel Silvestre of Sense8 and Narcos, to kneel before her with an absolutely stunning engagement ring.

While the song's insistence may make it sound like J.Lo is impatient, she previously told Ebro Darden in an interview with Beats 1 that she wasn't “trying to rush into anything” and wants to “let things take their natural course.”

In the same interview, she explained that the impatient, direct, and unflinching mood of the song is inspired by women-led movements in the entertainment industry right now. “Everything that's going on with women-it's a very empowering time for us. It's a good time for us. We're like, 'Yo this is not OK… I want to be treated with respect. I want my place in your life. I want to be paid equally.' And my next two songs kind of deal with that. Where's my ring, and where's my money?”

This isn't the first time the singer has opened up about potentially marrying again (she's been divorced three times). "I would love to grow old with somebody in a committed relationship. But I'm not forcing anything right now," Lopez said in the April 2018 issue of Harper's Bazaar, adding more about her relationship of a year. "It's good, it's healthy; we communicate well. We understand each other's lives in a way that most other people couldn't. We both entered the public eye in our early 20s and overachieved right from the start. And that affects every dynamic in your life, from your family to your work to your relationships. We have a similar makeup, " she said.

So it seems “El Anillo,” then, is not just a challenge to her boyfriend, but a metaphor for getting what she wants and deserves in all areas of her life. We applaud you, J.Lo!

So how does the man in question feel about all of this? According to Jennifer's interview on Beats 1, Alex is totally supportive and loves the song. Enough to put a ring on it, we wonder?